Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9

Catatan pelajaran bahasa inggris yang rapi tidaklah cukup untuk menyambut ujian tengah semester. Metode belajar yang perlu kamu tambahkan adalah dengan berlatih soal UTS bahasa Inggris kelas 9.

Kamu akan terbiasa membaca berbagai dialog berdasarkan situasi dan macam-macam teks. Berikut ini adalah contoh soal persiapan UTS yang bisa kamu pelajari.

Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Semester 1


1. Gina : “Terry, I heard that you’re the winner of science competition. Is it true?”
Terry : “Yes. That’s true.”
Gina : “_

a. Wow, congratulations!
b. I’m sorry to hear that
c. That’s okay for me

2. Teacher : “Are you ready to do the championship?”
Terry : “Yes, Mrs.”
Teacher : “_

a. I hope you get better soon
b. I hope you’ll win the championship
c. Congratulations!

3. Andi : “What are you doing here, Atin?”
Atin : “I’m waiting for the scholarship announcement. Wish me luck.”
Andi : “_

a. I hope you’ll get the scholarship
b. Oh, I don’t think so
c. I have no idea about that

4. Your friend made a beautiful handicraft. She will hand in the handicraft for the national competition. What do you say to support her?

a. Your handicraft is ugly. I don’t think it’s valuable
b. You’re not talented to make the handicraft
c. It’s so beautiful. I wish that you’ll win the competition

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5. Mr. Andrew : “Wow, this class is very clean and tidy. I’m proud of you.”
Students : “Thank you, Sir.”
That kind of dialogue shows…

a. Condolences
b. Admiration
c. Greeting

Read the text below to answer number 6-8!


There are so many kind of food around us. One of them is instant food. It’s okay to eat it once, but it’s dangerous if you eat it too often. Instant food contains artificial ingredients, additive seasoning, and chemical material.

We’ll get serious disease if we eat too much. In order to keep the health, we should eat more home-made food. Although it’s harder, at least it’s less dangerous.

6. What if we eat too much instant food?

a. We’ll have more time
b. We’ll get serious disease
c. We’ll enjoy it

7. What’s dangerous about instant food?

a. The frozen vegetables
b. The chemical material
c. The flavor

8. The word of “disease” is similar to…

a. Illness
b. Diabetes
c. Obesity

9. Teacher : “What should we do exercise for?”
Fani : “_

a. To get the prize
b. To maintain the health
c. To be the first rank

10. Dina : “What should we have eight hour sleep for?”
Dad : ‘_

a. So that we stay healthy
b. So that we can be smart
c. So that we are not hungry

Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Semester 2


The most famous specialty from South Sumatera is Pempek. This food is made from fish and starch. Both of them will be mixed into the dough. After that it’s taken little by little into different shape and size.

The dough should be boiled and dry them after it’s floating. Pempek will be cooked by deep-frying it. After it becomes gold-colored, served it with cuko. Cuko is like sauce. It’s spicy and sour. Everyone from all over indonesia like it, that’s why it’s very popular.

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1. What is the main ingredients of pempek?

a. Garlic and tamarind
b. Fish and starch
c. Fish and sugar

2. Where does pempek come from?

a. It is from North Sumatra
b. It is from West Sumatra
c. It is from South Sumatra

3. Pempek should be cooked twice. How to cook them until it’s served?

a. It’s steamed and boiled
b. It’s fried and frozen
c. It’s boiled and deep-fried

4. Which one of these following is the passive sentence?

a. Andi is playing football every Saturday an Sunday afternoon
b. My father goes to the office every Monday to Friday at 7 o’clock
c. The chicken is cooked by my mother in the kitchen

5. “My friend makes a beautiful handicraft after school.”
Change the sentence into the correct passive voice!

a. A beautiful handicraft is made by my friend after school
b. A beautiful handicraft are made by my friend after school
c. A beautiful handicraft is make by my friend after school

Read the folktale below to answer number 6-10!


One day there lived a widow named Rubiah. She had a son named Malin Kundang. Rubiah lived poor until Malin grew up. Her son suddenly asked his mother for permission to wander abroad. At first Rubiah was worried about her only child. But Malin reassured his mother that he would be fine and go home with a lot of money.

Days passed, Rubiah felt lonely. His son hasn’t been home for a long time. But one day, the ship anchored at the beach. Rubiah heard that the ship was Malin’s now successful ship. The widow went to the beach to meet her child.

Malin already had a pregnant wife. He saw his mother who was poor and shabby, but ashamed of his wife. He did not want to acknowledge his mother. Out of heartache, Rubiah swore that if he were indeed Malin, then he would become a stone. Soon, the oath came true. Malin and his entire crew turned to stone.

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6. What is the most suitable title for the paragraph above?

a. Rubiah and her son
b. Malin Kundang and Rubiah
c. Malin Kundang

7. What is the type of the story above?

a. Folk tale
b. Myth
c. Fable

8. Why did Malin go abroad?

a. He wanted to be a rich man
b. He wanted to explore the world outside
c. He didn’t like his mother

9. What did Rubiah do when she heard Malin’s ship was coming?

a. She went to the beach
b. She just stayed at home
c. She forgot that she had a son

10. What did Malin do when he saw his mother?

a. He didn’t want to recognize her
b. He hugged her
c. He ran to his mother

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Contoh soal UTS bahasa Inggris kelas 9 fokus dengan ragam teks. Kamu perlu memperkaya diri dengan kosakata bahasa Inggris, tenses dan grammar tertentu.

Mulailah dengan pemahaman simple past tense, bentuk verb, dan bentuk cerita. Kamu akan bisa belajar dengan mudah jika sudah memahami garis besar materi tersebut.