Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8

Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 – Materi bahasa Inggris untuk persiapan UTS kelas 8 cukup beragam. Kamu perlu mengetahui beberapa hal seperti cara dialog dan juga tenses dasar seperti simple present tense.

Tidak hanya materi berupa teori, ada baiknya kamu berlatih soal UTS bahasa Inggris kelas 8. Berikut ini adalah beberapa contoh soal yang bisa kamu pelajari.

Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Semester 1


1. Dina : “I think Karla is angry with me.”
Feri : “_ Karla is smiling. Look!”

a. She’s great!
b. I don’t think so
c. Are you okay with that?

2. Lina : “_
Rudi : “The class is so dirty.”

a. What do you think about this school?
b. What do you think about my hair?
c. What do you think about the class

3. Andi : “Do you understand about the lesson?”
Tania : “_. Mrs. Eli talks so fast. I can’t remember anything.”

a. No, I don’t
b. Yes, i do
c. No, I understand

4. Ferdi : “What do you think about this meatball?”
Ana : “_

a. It’s delicious. I like it
b. It’s too cold and sweet
c. It’s a beautiful one

5. Teacher : “_
Lila : “Thank you very much, Mrs.”

a. Wow! Your painting is so beautiful!
b. The book of your is so messy
c. Your uniform is dirty, Lila

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6. Lila : “_
Tina : “Sure. I always go there at the break time.”

a. Can we eat something delicious?
b. Can I borrow your pen and ruler?
c. Can we meet at the library after the class?

7. Mom : “Fara, you’re not a kid anymore. __
Fara : “Sorry Mom. I was busy this morning.”

a. You can go to school now
b. You can clean the bedroom by yourself
c. You can watch the TV without me

8. Fania : “Can you cook something delicious without mom’s help?”
Terry : “Of course. _

a. I can wash the car and cut the trees
b. I can go there alone by bus
c. I can make fried rice and also scrambled egg

9. Lala : “_
Ferry : “Sure. I’m fluent because I speak English with my mom.”

a. Can you speak English?
b. Can you write in English?
c. Do you know English?

10. Dad : “Siti, _
Siti : “Of course. Wait, Dad. It’s without sugar, right?”
Dad : “Right.”

a. Will you bring the book for me?
b. Will you turn on the lamp?
c. Will you make a cup of tea for me?

11. Tania has a toothache since this morning. As a good friend of her, what is your suggestion?

a. Tania, you should visit the dentist as soon as possible
b. Tania, you should eat something before going to school
c. Tania, you should be more careful after this

12. It’s a cloudy day. What is the best suggestion if your brother will go out?

a. You should bring umbrella
b. You should wear shoes
c. You should stay at class

13. What is the rule below that exist at school?

a. You must wash the dishes
b. You must wear the uniform
c. You must wear the helmet

14. Ardi and Tania run around the class when the teacher is out for some minutes. As a good friend, what will you say?

a. You must keep the clean
b. You must speak loudly
c. You must not run at class

15. Which one of the following is the rule at the street?

a. You must not go to bed after 12
b. You must across the street on zebra cross
c. You must drive carefully

Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Semester 2


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1. Which one of the following is a description about elephants?

a. It looks like human, lives in the trees, and loves to eat fruit
b. The body is big, has white fur, and only lives in the pole
c. The body is big, loves to eat grass, and has the long trunk to take food

2. It’s a tame animal. The ears are long. It loves to eat something green and carrot. It hops a lot and usually people make it as their pet. Based on the description, what animal is it?

a. It’s tiger
b. It’s rabbit
c. It’s monkey

3. The zoo-keeper _ the animals every day.
Which verb is appropriate to fill the blank?

a. Eats
b. Feeds
c. Clean

Answer the questions 4-7 based on the story below.


Diana and Rani are best friends since they’re toddler. They live at the same street and go to the same school. Every day, they go to school together. Because the school is near, they just need to walk for 10 minutes. As walking, they are singing or chatting along.

4. What is toddler?

a. Adult
b. Teenager
c. Baby

5. How’s Diana dan Rani’s houses?

a. It’s close
b. It’s far
c. It’s big

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6. How long do they go to school?

a. Ten minutes
b. Five minutes
c. Seven minutes

7. What are they doing as walking to school?

a. Stretching
b. Singing
c. Studying

8. Moonie _ the board now.

a. Eraser
b. Is erasing
c. Erases

9. Andi and Udin _ english at library now.

a. Study
b. Are studying
c. Is studying

10. Mom : “What are you doing now, andi?”
Andi : “_

a. I’m reading a book
b. I read a book
c. I was reading a book

11. Mountain is _ than hill.

a. Bigger
b. Higher
c. Lower

12. Tina is 12 years old. Farah is 15 years old.
Which one of the following is the correct statement?

a. Tina is as old as Farah
b. Tina is older than Farah
c. Tina is younger than Farah

13. The stone is 4 kilograms. The book is 1 kilogram.
These following statements are correct, except?

a. Stone is heavier than book
b. Book is lighter than stone
c. Book is heavier than stone

14. Plane is _ than car.

a. Slower
b. Faster
c. Smaller

15. Grandmother is _ than uncle.

a. Older
b. Taller
c. Higher

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Di semester 1, materi soal UTS bahasa Inggris kelas 8 banyak mengulas tentang dialog yang terjadi sehari-hari.

Sementara di semester 2 kamu akan belajar tentang grammar seperti comparative dan present continuous tense. Buatlah jadwal belajar sehingga kamu bisa mencicil materi UTS dan tidak terburu-buru dalam mempelajarinya.