Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7

Ada banyak hal yang perlu kamu persiapkan sebelum menghadapi ujian tengah semester, apalagi mata pelajaran bahasa Inggris. Tak sekadar menghafal vocabulary, kamu juga butuh berlatih soal UTS bahasa Inggris kelas 7.

Melatih diri dengan soal-soal yang bervariasi akan membantumu. Kamu akan menjadi lebih mengenal pola-pola soal yang akan keluar.

Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester 1


1. Rita : “Hi, Rahma. Good morning!”
Rahma : “_

a. I’m fine, Rita
b. I’m okay
c. Good morning, Rita

2. Teacher : “How are you today, everybody?”
Student : “_

a. Fine, thank you
b. You are welcome
c. Good afternoon

3. Rita : “You come back home, Dad. Good evening!”
Dad : “_

a. Good evening my student
b. Good evening my daughter
c. I’m okay, my daughter

4. Edo : “I’ll go to school now, Mom. Bye!”
Mom : “_

a. Good night dear
b. Have a nice dream
c. See you later

5. Andi : “i’m going to bed Dad. Good night.”
Dad : “_

a. It’s okay
b. Have a nice dream
c. Take care

6. Beni : “I am going to play football.”
Andi : “_

a. Wow! Good luck!
b. I’m fine
c. Good afternoon my friend

7. Ani : “This is a birthday gift for you.”
Fani : “_

a. Okay
b. Wow thank you very much
c. See you later

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8. Rina : “Mom, I have headache.”
Mom : “_

a. Don’t sleep
b. You need some rest
c. Don’t go

9. Fira : “Mom, I’ll have the english test today.”
Mom : “__”

a. Are you okay with that?
b. Good luck dear
c. Just go home

10. Andi : “I forget to bring your pencil. _
Manda : “Never mind.”

a. I’m sorry
b. You are welcome
c. Thank you very much

11. Nida : “Where do you live Gaga?”
Gaga : “_

a. I live with my parents
b. I live on Pajajaran Street
c. I live alone

12. Tania : “Where are you from?”
Tina : “_

a. I’m from West Sumatra
b. I’m from there
c. I’m from here

13. Beni : “What’s your hobby?”
Max : “_

a. I’m from Bali
b. My hobby is going to the beach
c. I live in Jakarta

14. Tina : “_
Fani : “It’s black.”

a. What’s your phone number?
b. What’s your favorite color?
c. What’s your favorite food?

15. “Andi : “What’s your favorite food?”
Fina : “_

a. I love Mario games
b. I love red and orange
c. I love pizza and soda

Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester 2


1. Andi : “What do you think about the flower at the park?”
Fina : “_

a. It’s beautiful
b. It’s hot
c. It’s warm

2. Fina : “I like this park a lot.”
Atin : “Why?”
Fina : “_

a. Because it is dirty
b. Because it is clean
c. Because it is ugly

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3. Rudi : “I wonder why Andi is always late to school.”
Tania : “As far as I know, _

a. His house is far from school
b. His house is near from school
c. His house is larger than mine

4. Fina : “You are always on time to school. What time do you leave house?”
Dita : “_

a. I leave the house at six
b. I leave the house in the morning
c. I ride the bicycle to school

5. Gani : “Is that your cat, Tania?”
Tania : “Yes. Its name is Brownie.”
Who is Brownie?

a. Tania’s cat
b. Gani’s cat
c. Tania and Gani’s pet

6. Fani : “__
Tina : “His mother passed away 3 days ago.”

a. Do you know Andi?
b. Why is Andi sad?
c. Why does Andi look happy?

7. My friend is Farla. Farla is a smart and good student. Whenever she looks a teacher with many books in hands, she will help them. Farla is…

a. Adorable and fierce
b. Happy and loud
c. Helpful and kind

8. I have a pet named Mino. Mino is a cat. I adopted him from a cat shelter, not far from my house. It is 2 months old now, but it is very playful. _
The statement to continue the mini story is…

a. My cat has blue eyes, white fur, and short tail
b. My dog is fierce and barks a lot
c. My rabbit loves to eat carrot

9. Astri : “Wow! Your bed room is so clean and tidy too!”
Yaya : “_

a. Thank you, I clean it every day
b. Yes, I’m lazy to throw the rubbish
c. I don’t like to make the bed

10. Traditional market is different with super market. Mostly, it opens in the morning only. Every day, _.

a. It’s crowded
b. It’s more quiet
c. The stuff is expensive

Read the story below to answer number 11-15!


My beautiful garden
I have a mini garden in front of my house. I love gardening with my older sister. We plant some flower plants like rose and jasmine. Every afternoon, I water the plants. We have the fruit plants too such as cherry and grapes. Gardening makes me happy every time.

11. Where is the writer’s garden?

a. In front of the house
b. In front of the room
c. Backyard

12. What’s flower there?

a. Jasmine
b. Camellia
c. Sakura

13. When does writer water the plants?

a. Afternoon
b. Moning
c. Night

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14. What fruit plant is there?

a. Apple
b. Kiwi
c. Grapes

15. What’s the writer hobby?

a. Gardening
b. Fishing
c. Cooking

Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Essay

  1. Please write your identity start from name, school, age, your address, hobbies, favorite color and favorite food!
  2. Write a short of your introduction. Imagine that you are in front of the class.
  3. Write a conversation to introduce Tina to your friend, Santi.
  4. Make a paragraph about your family.
  5. Make your family tree.


Melatih diri memang hal yang sangat penting. Selain mengerjakan secara mandiri, kamu juga bisa berdiskusi tentang soal UTS bahasa Inggris kelas 7 bersama guru atau temanmu.

Dengan macam-macam soal, kamu akan tahu di bagian mana yang menjadi kekuranganmu selama ini. Catatlah hal yang kamu tidak mengerti dan fokuskan untuk mempelajari itu setelahnya.