Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6

Contoh soal UTS bahasa Inggris kelas 6 – Setiap semester biasanya tak hanya terdiri dari UAS tetapi juga UTS. Penilaian hasil belajar ini biasanya dijadikan tinjauan untuk kamu tentang seberapa baik dalam menyerap pelajaran.

Kamu bisa melatih diri dengan berbagai soal UTS bahasa Inggris kelas 6. Soal-soal ini menjadi gambaran dalam menghadapi UTS nantinya.

Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 Semester 1


1. A : “How many jackfruits do you have?”
B : “_” (3).

a. I has three jackfruits
b. I have three jackfruits
c. She has three jackfruits

2. Tina : “_
Fadli : “I have thirteen marbles.”

a. How many marbles does she have?
b. How many marbles does he have?
c. How many marbles do you have?

Read the text below to answer number 3-5!


I have many things inside my bag. I always bring my bag wherever I go although it’s not to school. There are a yellow umbrella, a red and a black pen, a pair or grey shock, a brown hat and my wallet.

When the rain is falling, my shocks are usually get wet that’s why I bring the other ones. My wallet is red and there is little money inside that my father gave me.

3. What do you find inside the writer’s bag?

a. A red wallet
b. A pair of grey shocks
c. A blue pen

4. Why does the writer bring other shocks?

a. The writer usually loses them
b. The shocks are smelly
c. They are usually get wet when rain’s falling

5. What’s inside the wallet?

a. Some cards and debit
b. Little money
c. The sunglasses

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6. Clerk : “Welcome to the stationary shop. What do you need?”
Fatya : “_

a. I need onion, radish, and carrot
b. I need books, paper, and pen
c. I need ham and turkey

7. Tika : “Mom, I’m so hungry.”
Mom : “_
Tika : “I want to have sandwiches and a glass of milk.”

a. What do you want to eat?
b. What do you want to watch?
c. What do you want to give?

8. Fani : “Hello, Mam. I need three _
Seller : “Okay, anything else?”

a. Potato
b. Potatos
c. Potatoes

9. Tina : “Dad, may I have something to eat?”
Dad : “What do you want?”
Tina : “_

a. I want three candies
b. I want three candys
c. I want three candy

10. The plural form of box, orange and baby is…

a. Boxes – Oranges – Babies
b. Box – Orange – Babys
c. Boxs – Oranges – Babys

11. Fabia : “What do you like to drink?”
Tini : “_

a. I’d like a glass of milk
b. I’d like a plate of pasta
c. I’d like a bowl of soup

12. Haris : “I’m thirsty.”
Indri : “_

a. How about a bowl of pasta?
b. How about a plate of rice?
c. How about some soda?

13. Jenny : “What does your father like to drink?”
Andi : “_

a. He likes to drink a cup of coffee
b. He likes to watch tv
c. He likes to play badminton

14. Marry : “What do you like to eat?”
John : “_

a. I’ll have orange juice
b. I’ll have some pasta
c. I’ll have two cans of soda

15. Like – eat – to – I – of – noodles – bowl – a
Which one is the correct sentence?

a. I like to eat a bowl of noodles
b. I like to eat of a bowl noodles
c. I like eat to a bowl of noodles

Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 Semester 2


Read the text below to answer number 1-4!

My name is andi. I have a little family, father, mother, an older brother and me. We live in a big city. My father is a doctor in a hospital. He goes there every weekdays in the morning by bus. He never drives a car because of too tired to drive.

My mother is a teacher. She walks to school because the school is near from home. I and my brother go to the same school. Every day, we take a school bus together.

We are all busy. We only spend the time together on weekend. We usually go to mall every Sunday by car.

1. Where does the writer live?

a. In a village
b. In a big city
c. In London

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2. How does the writer’s father go to work?

a. He takes bus
b. He drives a car
c. He rides motorcycle

3. How do the writer’s mom go to school?

a. She goes there on foot
b. She takes a bus
c. She rides a bike

4. How do they fo to mall every weekend?

a. They take plane
b. They take a train
c. They drive a car

5. Tina : “Hello, sir. How much is the toy train?”
Andy : “_

a. It’s much
b. It’s twenty thousand rupiah
c. It’s two train inside

6. Mom : “_
Seller : “It’s fifty thousand rupiah per kilogram.”

a. How much is the chili?
b. How much is the laptop?
c. How much is the doll?

7. Dad : “_
Seller : “they are seventy five thousand rupiah.”

a. How much is the shoes?
b. How much are the shoes?
c. How much the shoes are?

Read the text below to answer number 8-10!


My school is on Jalan Melati number 5. It’s a big school in my village. Besides that, the location is very good too. You can easily visit other places near my school.

On the West, there’s a bank. On the North, there’s a bookstore. I like to visit it every week. On the East, there’s a court. I and my friends like to play badminton there every Sunday.

8. How if the writer wants to go to the bank from school?

a. Just turn to the west
b. Just turn to the south
c. Just turn to the east

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9. What’s on the North of school?

a. It’s a bank
b. It’s a court
c. It’s a bookstore

10. What does the writer do on Sunday?

a. Playing football
b. Playing tennis
c. Playing badminton


Persiapan yang matang tak hanya dengan menjawab latihan soal UTS bahasa Inggris kelas 6 saja. Kamu perlu menyusun rencana belajar.

Belajarlah sedikit demi sedikit sehingga kamu bisa memahami materinya. Pola belajar yang teratur akan membuatmu lebih santai saat menghadapi soal UTS nanti.