Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMA

Contoh Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMA – Ujian nasional menjadi hal yang harus dipersiapkan ketika di jenjang akhir. Selain belajar lebih giat, banyak berlatih menjadi kunci sukses UN.

Kamu perlu memperdalam beragam soal, termasuk soal UN bahasa Inggris SMA. Di jenjang ini kamu akan menemukan beragam teks dan expression yang lebih kompleks.

Bank Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMA


Ariana Grande is a famous singer. She is from the United States and debuted in 2008 in one of Nickelodeon program. Ariana is known for her ponytail style when singing on stage.

Ariana was born on June 26, 1993. Since childhood, she has played children’s theater. Because it is quite popular, Ari is selling himself at Victorious, one of the programs organized by Nickelodeon.

After her series on Victorious ended, she began to focus on singing. Yours Truly is her first discography released in 2013.

Ari, Ariana’s nickname, now has 5 albums. Every album is always successful in the world market and charts. Every album release, Ari usually conducts concert tours in various countries in the world.

1. What’s Ariana specialty when singing on stage?

a. She jumps a lot.
b. She throws herself to the audience.
c. She has ponytail style.

2. The word “discography” can be replaced by…

a. Work
b. Album
c. Song

3. What’s Victorious based on the paragraph?

a. It’s a theater.
b. It’s a soap opera.
c. It’s Nickelodeon program.

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Final exam in Indonesia is always being discussed every year. Some people think that this method is not effective to assess students’ abilities. Some of them consider that this method is a standard so that the learning materials become equal in all provinces.

People who are pro on the final exam think that this method is very important to measure the ability of their students. After learning at a certain level, they need to know how much they understand.

This method is also needed for the next level or university in selecting students. If there are no standards, they need to do a test that requires a lot of time and energy for many parties.

Those who disagree with the final exam believe that this method will put pressure on children. Intense competition will also be experienced by students who study in big cities. They will study for the final examination only, not with the aim of applying it in everyday life.

Until now, discussions about the final exam always occur every mid-year. The government is reviewing to delete the final exam next year.

4. Why do people disscuss about final exam?

a. It’s important issue.
b. It gets pros and cons among the citizenship.
c. They think that it’s useless.

5. What’ the purpose of the text?

a. To retell the story.
b. To report a certain news.
c. To disscuss about pros and cons.

6. The underlined word “pressure” can be replaced by…

a. Pain
b. Difficulty
c. Stress

7. Why do people give it pros?

a. To make the standard.
b. In order the student becomes more diligent.
c. Increasing the competitive skill.

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Monday on last week, I __ (8) my birthday. I was so happy and humming when I went to school. But when I arrived the class, I ___(9) my friends studying. I asked my chairmate. He said that there would be quiz. Oh my God.
I really forgot about that. I opened my book, but suddenly the bell rang. My teacher came and shared the paper. That was my ___(10) birthday ever. I got C cause I couldn’t remember that much.

8. a. Have                        b. Had             c. Has

9. a. Saw                         b. See              c. Sees

10. a. Bad                          b. Worse         c. Worst

Contoh Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMA

Contoh Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMA

Nosebleeds are a health disorder where blood comes out of the nose. If you find people who have experienced this, take immediate action.

  • Invite the person to sit and lean back.
  • Take some tissue to clean the blood.
  • The person is forbidden to cough, talk or swallow. These three things can trigger blood that comes out to be more and more.
  • Usually the blood flow will stop within 10 minutes. If blood flows within 30 minutes, contact a doctor immediately.

1. What is the purpose of the text?

a. To inform the readers about issue.
b. To tell the readers about how to do something.
c. To amuse the readers with the plot.

2. Why does the person who have nosebleed is forbidden to cough?

a. The blood will spread everywhere.
b. It triggers the blood more.
c. The person will swallow the blood.

3. The patiens should contact the doctor if…

a. The blood still flows.
b. The patient is anxious.
c. The blood stops flowing.

4. “If I had much money, ___”

Which one is the possible answer?

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a. I will spend all of it to travel around the world.
b. I would spend all of it to travel around the world.
c. I would have spent all of it to travel around the world.

5. “If she had come to the party, ___”

Which one is the possible answer?

a. She would have sung a birthday song.
b. She will sing a birthday song.
c. She would sing a birthday party.

6. “Don’t bring any pets home!” my mom said.

Which one is the possible indirect form?

a. Mom said that don’t bring any pet home.
b. Mom said to me not to bring any pets home.
c. Mom said to bring any pets home.

7. “What’s your opinion about this song?”

Which one of the following is the weak opinion?

a. I believe that this is best song ever.
b. I’m fairly think this is good.
c. I strongly believe that this one is good.

8. “It’s totally wrong!”

The expression above is form of…

a. Denying something.
b. Admitting something.
c. Believing something.

9. “___ me to bring your books?”

The formal form to fill the blank is…

a. Would you like
b. Would you mind
c. Do you want

10. How to admit that something is true?

a. That’s based on the fact.
b. That’s totally false.
c. I didn’t!

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Tak hanya memperdalam materi, berlatih soal UN bahasa Inggris SMA lebih banyak akan sangat membantu kamu. Pola expression dan ragam teks umumnya sama, hanya berbeda isinya saja.

Berbagai soal di atas adalah contoh yang umumnya ada di ujian. Lakukan diskusi bersama guru atau temanmu tentang jawaban yang tepat.