Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9

Contoh Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 – Ujian akhir semester sering dianggap sebagai penentu nilai akhir. Meski benar adanya, bukan berarti kamu hanya belajar saat ujian saja.

Selain mencicil belajar materi dari jauh-jauh hari, persiapan ujian sebaiknya meliputi latihan soal UAS bahasa Inggris kelas 9. Umumnya, materi UAS di kelas 9 mencakup semua pembelajaran yang telah kamu dapat selama SMP.

Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Semester 1


Read the text below to answer number 1-3!

How to Save Your Money at the Bank

  • When you arrive at the bank, take the queue number. The staff will help you to get it.
  • Wait in the waiting room until your number is called by the teller.
  • If the teller mentions your number, go to the counter.
  • Hand in your account book and the amount of money you want to save.
  • Give the signature when the tellers give you the paper.
  • If the transaction has finished, teller will hand in the account book. Your money has been saved at your account.

1. What is the similar meaning of queue?

a. Line.
b. Waiting room.
c. The security.

2. What do you do if your number is mentioned by teller?

a. Go home.
b. Go to the teller counter.
c. Wait at the waiting room.

3. How do we know that the money has been saved?

a. After the teller gives back the account book.
b. After the queue number is mentioned.
c. After we hand in the amount of the money.

4. Tina : “Where is Beni?”
Rana : “Beni is at canteen. I saw him just now.”
What is Beni probably doing?

a. He’s reading the new book collection.
b. He’s eating something delicious.
c. He’s doing his homework with his group.

5. Dodi : “Hi, Tiara. I called you last night.”
Tiara : “Oh, I’m sorry. _ last night.” Dodi : “Really? What did you study?” Tiara : “_
The blanks can be filled by…

a. (1) I was taking bath (2) I studied Spanish.
b. (1) I was studying (2) I studied math.
c. (1) I was watching TV (2) I studied science.

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6. Tina : “Will you go the the Pangandaran beach next week?”
Fani : “Yes that’s true.”
Tina : “What will you be doing there?”
Fani : “_

a. I swam at the sea with my father.
b. I play around and sit under the coconut tree.
c. I will be swimming and playing the sand.

7. Mr. Andrew : “Look at the yard! _
Students : “Wow! They are amazing!”

a. The students play football.
b. The students are playing football.
c. The students played football.

8. Which one of the following is the present perfect tense sentence?

a. My mother brings the fruit from the market.
b. My mother brought the fruit from the market.
c. My mother has brought the fruit from the market.

9. Rani : “_
Tina : “I’ve lived in Bogor since 2013.”

a. How often do you live in Bogor?
b. How long have you lived in Bogor?
c. How many time do you live in Bogor?

10. “Siska watches TV everyday.”
If the sentence is changed into the present perfect, it becomes…

a. Siska is watching TV now.
b. Siskas has watched TV for 2 hours.
c. Siska watched TV yesterday.

Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Semester 2


Read the text to answer 1-5!

Coconut Tree

Coconut tree is one of the useful plants from leaves to roots. This tree can live in the lowlands to moderate, but tends to live better in tropical climates.

This plant has a height of up to 5 meters with a long leaf shape. Its productive life span reaches 8 years. After that, plants grow old and rarely produce fruit.

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Coconut leaves can be used as food packaging material. The leaf bone is used as a stick. Many plant stems are processed into wood for furniture or building materials, as well as the roots.

The favorite part of this plant is the fruit. Coconut contains fresh and healthy water. The flesh of the fruit launches digestion. The coconut shell can be used as charcoal to burn food so it is safer.

1. Where do you usually see the coconut trees?

a. At the poles.
b. At the beach.
c. At the mountain.

2. How many years does the coconut tree keep productive?

a. It’s after eight years.
b. It’s up to eight years.
c. It’s more than eighty years.

3. What is the main characteristic of coconut tree?

a. It is short plant and adaptable to cold climate.
b. It can live everywhere and tall.
c. It is tall and only lives in tropical climate.

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4. What happen to the coconut tree after 8 years?

a. It becomes less productive.
b. It will be dead.
c. The more coconuts production.

5. What does the coconut fruit contain?

a. It contains the fresh water and flesh.
b. It contains the black seeds and water.
c. It contains the red flesh and fresh.

Read the text below to answer 6-8!


Donut Holic
Nothing is better than enjoying donut from Donut Holic! Great taste, various topping, best quality and cheap are our priority. Come to our stall and choose your favorite!
Open hours : 10.00 AM-10.00 PM
Store location : Every Borobudur Department Store
Price : IDR3,000/ piece.
For bulk order, please contact Dini 0846781201.

6. What is the type of text above?

a. Advertisement.
b. Announcement.
c. Invitation.

7. What is topping?

a. Taste.
b. Additional material.
c. Cheese.

8. How many hours does the stall open?

a. 10 hours.
b. 11 hours.
c. 12 hours.

Read the text below to answer 9-10!


Spelling Bee Competition
This competition is only for 7th and 8th grade on 20th of June. The top 3 winners will get complete stationaries and story books. Contact Mr. Andi for further information and enrollment at his office.

9. Who cannot join the competition?

a. 7th grade
b. 8th grade
c. 9th grade

10. Enrollment has the same meaning with…

a. Information.
b. Registration.
c. News.

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Rencana belajar yang baik didukung dengan manajemen waktu yang rapi. Buatlah jadwal belajar baik untuk materi maupun soal UAS bahasa Inggris kelas 9.

Hindari mempelajari semuanya dalam satu malam karena kamu akan kelelahan dan bosan. Cara tersebut malah membuatmu mendapat nilai buruk saat UAS.