Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8

Contoh Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 – Ujian akhir semester bahasa Inggris membutuhkan persiapan yang sangat matang. Tak hanya materi di kelas 8, biasanya UAS di jenjang ini juga mengulas materi dari jenjang kelas 7.

Untuk itu, kamu tak hanya mempelajari teori saja tapi juga harus dibarengi dengan latihan soal UAS bahasa Inggris kelas 8. Berikut ini adalah beberapa contoh soal yang bisa kamu pelajari.

Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Semester 1


1. Fina : “Rani, happy birthday to you.”
Rani : “Wow, thank you my best friend!”
Where does the dialogue possibly happen?

a. At Fina’s birthday party.
b. At Rani’s birthday party.
c. At school event.

2. Tania : “Robi, __.”
Robi : “Okay. I want to eat something delicious today.”

a. Let’s go the canteen.
b. Let’s go to the library.
c. Let’s go to the administration office.

3. Bobi : “Doctor, I always have stomachache at school after eating something.”
Doctor : “What do you eat?”
Bobi : “I eat cake, sausages, soda, and snack at the same time.”
Doctor : “_

a. Don’t stay up late.
b. Don’t study for too long.
c. Don’t eat too much.

4. Andi’s Mom : “Hello?”
Rudi : “Hello, I’m Rudi. Can I talk to Andi?”
Andi’s Mom : “_

a. Who are you?
b. Is it okay?
c. Please wait a few minutes.”

5. Tania : “__
Tika : “Of course. I’m done with my english homework. You can use it.”

a. May I borrow your clothes?
b. May i borrow your umbrella?
c. May I borrow your dictionary?

Read the invitation text below to answer number 6-8!


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Birthday Party
Dear Lisa,
My birthday is coming. Since you’re my best friend, i hope you can attend and enjoy my birthday party. The party will be held:
Place : My home, Jl. Padjajaran number 5
Date : 27th of June 2020
Time : 18.00-20.00
Without your attendance, my party will be boring. See you soon.
Best regards,

6. Whose birthday party is it?

a. Lisa’s party.
b. Jennie’s party.
c. Jennie’s sister party.

7. Where does the party take place?

a. At Jennie’s house.
b. At Lisa’s house.
c. At a fancy restaurant.

8. When is the party?

a. It’s on twenty seventh of June.
b. It’s on twenty sixth of June.
c. It’s on seventeenth of June.

9. Lita lives in a big city. What does she see almost every day when she’s going out?

a. There are many vehicles like car and motorcycles.
b. There are many farmers and large farm everywhere.
c. The quiet road and forest.

10. What is the air quality in a big city?

a. The air is cool and fresh every day.
b. There is pollution every time because there are many vehicles.
c. The air is good and safe for everyone.

Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Semester 2


1. Mr. Andrew : “Andi, why are you late?”
Andi : “I’m sorry, Sir. My parents went to grandma’s house yesterday. I woke up late this morning and missed the bus. I hope this one will not happen again.”
Here are the reason why Andi was late, except…

a. He woke up late.
b. He missed the bus.
c. He thought that today is Sunday.

Read the text to answer number 2-4!

When I was in kinderagarten, I was five years old. I played around with my friend. At the park, we loved to play on the swing and slide. Meanwhile at class, we loved to arrange some puzzle. My teacher was Mrs. Kartini. She was kind.

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Whenever one of my friend cried, she would calm them. She loved to sing and play with us too. Meanwhile my best friend was Stephanie. She was an active girl. She always had story to share with me.

Unfortunately, I never meet Mrs. Kartini and Stephanie anymore after graduated from kindergarten.

2. Who’s Mrs. Kartini?

a. Writer’s friend.
b. Writer’s mom.
c. Writer’s teacher.

3. When did the writer go to kindergarten?

a. When she/he was 10 years old.
b. When he/she was 5 years old.
c. When she/he was 7 years old.

4. What did writer do at kindergarten park?

a. Playing the puzzle.
b. Playing as chef.
c. Playing the slide.

Complete the paragraph by completing the blanks.

I still remember when I (5)_ to school for the first time. Junior high school was something new for me. I didn’t have many friends because I was a newcomer. I (6) my childhood until the seventh grade in Singapore and came back to Bandung a year ago.

All my friends spoke Sundanese meanwhile I only know English and Indonesian. But a girl named Tiara was so kind. She (7)__ me how to speak Sundanese. She was my translator back then. Because of her, I got to know my friend easily.

5. a. Visited b. Went c. Studied
6. a. Spent b. Spend c. Spending
7. a. Taught b. Thought c. Tough

Read the memo that Lisa’s mother left for her on the door of fridge!


Dear my daughter,
Aunt Rosie called me this morning. She said that your grandfather is sick. So, I’ll spend two nights at the village. Your father will come home on time, but you should do something when I’m not at home.

  • Heat the food that I’ve frozen. You can use the microwave. Don’t buy any food that I didn’t make for you.
  • Turn off the lamp when you leave.
  • Turn off the TV if you finish watching it.
  • Don’t forget to wash the dishes. The house must be clean.

That’s all. Call me if you’re boring. See you in the next three days, my darling.

8. What can Lisa use to heat the food?

a. A stove
b. A microwave
c. A dishwasher

9. Why did Lisa’s mom go?

a. Because Lisa’s grandmother was sick.
b. Because Lisa’s grandfather was sick.
c. Because Aunt Rosie was sick.

10. What did Lisa’s mom tell her daughter to do?

a. To keep studying at home.
b. To wash the car.
c. To heat the food on microwave.

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Dengan melatih diri dengan berbagai soal UAS bahasa Inggris kelas 8, kamu akan bisa merefleksi diri. Di bagian tertentu, kamu akan menemukan kesalahan dan kekuranganmu. Buatlah catatan tersendiri agar kamu bisa lebih mudah dalam belajar.

Bahasa Inggris memerlukan ketekunan dan kebiasaan berbahasa agar kamu lebih paham terhadap cara menggunakannya.