Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7

Contoh Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 – Banyak hal yang perlu disiapkan saat menjelang UAS. Nilai kamu di ujian ini akan mempengaruhi nilai akhir di buku rapor. Agar nilai bahasa Inggrismu bagus, perlu strategi untuk menghadapinya.

Salah satunya adalah dengan banyak mengerjakan soal UAS Bahasa Inggris kelas 7. Soal akan membantumu terbiasa dalam menghadapi ujian nantinya.

Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester 1


Daniel has breakfast at quarter past six. After that, he goes to school by bus.

What time does Daniel have his breakfast?

a. 06.00
b. 06.15
c. 06.30

Which one of the time below that shows half past three?

a. 03.30
b. 02.30
c. 03.03

Rania : “What time do you have your dinner?”
Fani : “_” (07.10)

a. I have dinner at ten past seven
b. I have dinner at seven past ten
c. I have dinner at ten seven

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Alya has breakfast at ten past six in the morning. She has lunch at school at half past twelve. And she has dinner at quarter to seven.

Which one of the following that suitable with the data above?

a. Breakfast at 06.10, lunch at 12.30, and dinner at 06.45
b. Breakfast at 06.30, lunch at 13.30, and dinner at 06.15
c. Breakfast at 06.20, lunch at 12.15, and dinner at 07.15

Read about Tina’s schedule in the paragraph below. Answer the question for number 5-8!


My Daily Schedule

I always get up in the morning at 05.30. After breakfast at 06.00, I go to school immediately. I always go home at 02.00 in the afternoon. I have a piano class at 04.00 every Monday and Wednesday.

And I also have english course at 04.30 every Tuesday and Friday. I do homework at 08.00 in the evening. But before that, I’ve my dinner at 06.30 in the evening. At last, I go to bed at 09.10 at night.

What time does Tina get up in the morning?

a. At half past six.
b. At half to five.
c. At half past five.

When does tina have piano class?

a. On Monday at 04.30.
b. On Wednesday at 04.00.
c. On Friday at 04.30.

What does Tina do on Friday at 04.30?

a. She plays badminton.
b. She takes piano class.
c. She takes english course.

When does tina go to bed?

a. It’s nine past ten.
b. It’s ten past nine.
c. It’s ten to nine.

Which one of these things that we’ll find at class?

a. A piano, a rice cooker, and a laptop.
b. A globe, a board, and a cupboard.
c. Some trees, a bench and plants.

What the things do the students have in their bag?

a. Globe, stove, and carpet.
b. Pillow, lamp, and blanket.
c. Book, pen, and pencil

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What do you use to find the meaning of the words?

a. Board.
b. Shoes.
c. Dictionary.

Where do you read many books and you can borrow them?

a. Class.
b. Library.
c. Canteen.

What is the function of hospital?

a. Checking and treating sick people.
b. Sending the letter and package.
c. Shopping the groceries.

The place to save some money safely is…

a. Hospital
b. Library.
c. Bank.

What do you find in the living room?

a. A sofa, a table, a pair of curtain.
b. A dining table, a tap, and a microwave.
c. A soap, a water closet and a container.

Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester 2


Complete the gaps with appropriate words. The text is for number 1-5.

The New Shop

There is a new shop near my house. The shop’s name is Doracutee Shop. It (1) _ handmade shoes and bags for teens. The shop (2) big.

Last week, it held a grand opening. Today, I (3) the shop to see some stuff. The staff welcome me. I find a pair of (4) that look nice. The price is also affordable. After that, I decide to (5)__ them.

1. a. Tries b. Sells c. Types
2. a. Are b. Am c. Is
3. a. Come b. Visit c. Buy
4. a. Bag b. Suitcase c. Shoes
5. a. Sell b. Buy c. Throw

Some children _ in the park.

a. Play
b. Plays
c. Playing

The door is closed. I __ anything inside the room.

a. Cannot have
b. Cannot see
c. Cannot go

Read the text below to answer number 8-11!


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My Best Friend

My friend is Mirna. She’s from North Sumatra. She’s kind, smart and helpful. We become a best friend since the first day of school. Mirna has black long hair, yellow skin-tone, and tall. Her hobby is singing and playing piano.

She loves to do some performance in some events. Our houses are far to each other. We love to spend time a lot only at school. We love to go to the canteen together at break time.

How’s Mirna hair?

a. Its long and curly.
b. It’s black and long.
c. It’s straight and brown.

What’s mirna hobby?

a. Her hobby is playing basketball.
b. Her hobby is singing.
c. Her hobby is eating.

Where’s mirna from?

a. North Sulawesi
b. North Sumatera
c. North Jakarta

What do the writer and mirna do at break time?

a. Go to the library.
b. Go to mosque.
c. Go to canteen.

Which one is the description of giraffe?

a. Tall, long neck, and long legs.
b. Big body, grey, and has a trunk.
c. Flying in the sky, has wings, and two feet.

Which one of the followings is the flag of Indonesia?

a. Red at the top and white at the bottom.
b. Red at the bottom and white the top.
c. Red and white with a moon and 5 stars.

A : “Do you see my book?”
B : “_
A : “Thick and blue.”

a. Is it mine?
b. What does it look like?
c. Yes, it is.

A : “Where do you live?”
B : “_

a. At Jakarta.
b. On jakarta.
c. In Jakarta.

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Pastikan bahwa kamu sudah membuat jadwal belajar sesuai dengan gaya belajarmu. Tak hanya mereview teori, kamu juga perlu membedah soal UAS bahasa Inggris kelas 7.

Mulailah dengan membuat daftar bab dan mengumpulkan banyak materi maupun soal. Mencicil belajar sedikit demi sedikit akan lebih baik daripada harus mempelajari semuanya dalam semalam.