Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 – Mempelajari bahasa Inggris tak hanya dengan cara menghafal vocabulary saja. Ada banyak cara yang bisa kamu lakukan, salah satunya dengan berlatih soal.

Jika kamu berada di tingkat akhir SMP, memperbanyak latihan dengan soal bahasa Inggris kelas 9 dapat membantu kamu di sekolah. Selain nilai akademik yang baik, kemampuan kamu berbahasa juga bisa bertambah.

Semester 1


1. Clara : “Will you come to the party?”

Andre   : “…”

Clara      : “I ask you, will you come to the party?”

The best expression to fill Andre’s is…

a. I will                         
b. Okay, Clara.                  
c. I beg your pardon.

2. Jack : “Jill, would you like to come to the cinema tonight?”

Jill          : “I’m afraid, I can’t. I should hep my mother doing the chores.”

What does Jill’s sentence mean?

a. Showing the sadness        
b. Showing hesitation   
c, Showing certainty

3. Andre : “Mom, I’ve tried the biscuit in the jar. It’s delicious. Where did you buy it?”

Mom     : “I didn’t buy it. I made it when you were at school.”

Andre   : “Oh my God! You should’ve made more than a jar.”

Andre shows the expression of…

a. Collaboration                       
b. Admiration                   
c. Certainty

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Read the procedure text below for number 4-5

How to Make Chocolate Sandwich

  1. First, prepare ____ bread.
  2. Spread the butter using the knife.
  3. Next, spread the chocolate jam.
  4. Put another bread onto the slice.
  5. Cut the sandwich and serve on your plate.

4. The best quantity to fill the blank is…

a. a part of                 
b. a slice of                         
c. a jar of

5. The menu on the procedure text above is usually served as…

a. Breakfast                               
b. Lunch                              
c. Dinner

Semester 2


1. Tina : “Ria, I have a news and I think you won’t believe it.”

Ria          : “What’s that?”

Tina        : “I won a singing competition yesterday.”

Ria          : “…”

The best expression that Ria supposed to say is…

a. I’m not sure.        
B. No way!                         
C. i don’t think so.

Read the dialogue to answer number 2-3

Morgan  : “Hello, Morgan Park is here. May I help you?”

Tammy : “Yes, please. I’m Tammy. Can I speak with Ms. Scarlett?”

Morgan : “i’m sorry. Ms. Scarlett has teaching schedule until two. Do you have any messages, ms. Tammy?”

Tammy: “She’s out of reach since this morning. Tell her to contact me after class finished.”

Morgan: “Alright. Any else?”

Tammy : “That’s all. Thank you very much.”

Morgan : “My pleasure.

2. Where does the dialogue take place?

a. School                     
b. Hospital                          
c. Hotel

3. Based on the dialogue, what’s Scarlett job?

a. Student                  
b. Teacher                          
c. Administration staff

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4. Tourist  : “_______ telling me the direction to the Bogor station?”

Winda   : “Walk straight form here and you’ll find it after 300 meters.”

The black can be filled by…

a. Will you                  
b. Would you mind                         
c. Could you

5. Robby : “I heard that your dad passed away two days ago. I’m sorry to hear that.”

Fani         : “______”

The best expression of Fani is…

a. Yes, it is.                 
b. Thank you very much.             
c. Sorry, I can not.

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Agree and Disagree


1. Lala : “I’m hungry.”

Tina        : “What about having french fries?”

If Lala agrees, she’ll say…

a. I’m not sure.        
b. Good idea.                  
c. I’m afraid I can’t.

2. Andrew : “Mom’s birthday is just in two weeks. Do you have idea to buy something for her?”

Indah    : “I’m still thinking about it. But how about a new dress?”

Andrew          : “______. I’ve no money to buy it. Don’t you think it’s too expensive?”

Indah    : “Let’s pay half and half.”

Andrew            : “Okay, my sister.”

The best expression to fill the gap is…

a. Okay.       
b. I don’t agree.                               
c. sounds good.

3. Fina : “I heard that next month, the electricity bill will increase.”

Tina  : “Really? ______. I wonder how people will react to this issue.

The best expression to fill the gap is…

a. You’re right.                         
b. Absolutely.                   
c. I totally disagree.

4. Dori : “I think Riri is a good leader.”

Fina        : “Oh, well.”

From Fina’s expression, we can assume…

a. She agrees.                                           
b, She disagrees.             
c. She doesn’t know.

5. Andrew : “Have you read the news about Mr. Anderson?”

Tari          : “That’s wrong.”

Tina’s expression is…

a. Agreement                           
b. Disagreement             
c. Possibility

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Announcement



Our days is always full of happiness, struggle and exhausted. That’s why management organizes a year end party for all “Wishy Washy” staff. The party details:

Date                      : 30th of December 2020

Place                     : Ballroom of Botani Hotel

Dress code          : your favorite anime character

Event                    : karaoke and award for the best staff

You can contact Andre (0845678910) for RSVP and further information. Bring your partner and have fun with us. Thank you.

Wishy Wahsy Management

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1. If you have any inquiries, what will you do?

a. Come to the party                     
b. Ask management                      
c. Call Andre

2. Which staff that will not allow to enter the party?

a. Bring partner
b. Wear the tuxedo                       
c. HRD of Wishy Washy

3. Further is a comparative adjective form of…

a. Far                                    
b. Fur                   
c. Fourth

School Announcement

July is coming and we’re going to celebrate school anniversary soon. Student organization has arranged some events for all student in a fun way. There will be sing contest, paint contest, school play from 8th grade, and special performance from “Ada Band”

Date      : 28th of July 2020

Time      : 09.00 AM – 14.00 PM

Place     : School Auditorium

Every class must send their representatives to join the contest. The committee has prepared prizes for the winner and all participants. The detail information can be questioned to Lucy (083459087).

Nusa Bangsa Student Organization

4. Celebrate has the same meaning with…

a. Have fun                        
b. Commemorate           
c. Have party

5. Events on the following are held, except…

a. Performance from famous group
b. Artistic contest
c. Math competition


Berbagai soal bahasa Inggris kelas 9 lebih fokus pada berbagai expression dan paragraf sederhana. Kamu perlu mengasah kemampuan kamu dengan membuat procedure text dan announcement text.

Dengan banyak berlatih soal, kamu akan bisa mengenal kesalahan dalam membuat dan mengurutkan kalimat serta memahami dialog dalam konteks tertentu.