Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 – Memiliki skill berbahasa Inggris sangat dibutuhkan, terutama menghadapi pelajaran sekolah. Di jenjang SMP kelas 8, kamu akan berhadapan dengan berbagai materi.

Beberapa contoh soal bahasa Inggris kelas 8 seperti membuat berbagai ucapan, interaksi melalui tulisan, hingga memahami berbagai text. Berlatih soal-soal akan membuat skill kamu menjadi lebih baik.

Semester 1


1. Lisa : “Jennie, could you help me please? I forget to bring my wallet and I owe some money to a seller in cafetaria. I need 2 dollars.”

Jenni     : “Here it is.”

Lisa       : “Thank you very much.”

The underlined expression can be replaced by…

a. I beg your pardon?
b. Can you do me a favor?
c. I disagree with you.

2. Mom : “Ellie, did you take my chocolate cakes on the table?”

Ellie       : “No, I didn’t. You know that I dislike chocolate, right?”

Mom     : “Ah, I forget it. Sorry.”

Ellie       : “I think Dad who ate them all.”

What does Ellie mean?

a. She admits something.   
b. She denies something.            
c. Ellie asks help.

Read the text below to answer number 3-5!

My school

My school is Nusa Bangsa school. It’s located on Jl. Flamboyan, only 300 meters from my house. The school is bigger than any other school.

There are 20 classrooms, language lab, computer lab, and science lab. It also has a library, mosque, canteen, court, auditorium, parking lot, and soccer field.

My favorite place is library and canteen. The library is so big and it has so many collections, from books audio-books and e-books. It is the least crowded place at school. I feel relax when I come to this place.

It’s different with canteen. It’s the most crowded place. There are many stalls here like batagor, meatball, ice cream, and also package of lunch.

Every class is so comfortable. Each of them has air conditioner. There are 25 chairs and desks since there are only 24 students per class.

Every year, students decorate the class with certain concept. That makes us love class though the subject is difficult. So far, I love my school.

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3. What is the function of court?

a. Doing the research.

b. Playing tennis or basketball.

c. Surfing web.

4. Which one you won’t find in the library?

a. Comic                      
b. Net                                  
c. Encyclopedia

5. Based on the text, the least crowded place at school is…

a. Class                
b. Mosque                         
c. Library

Semester 2

1. Tina : “You look sad. ______”

Andi       : “It’s okay. I just need some space.”

The best expression to fill the gap is…

a. What do you like?
b. What shall I do for you?
c. Do you want some coffee?

2. The pizza is $8. The hamburger is $5.

Which the following statement is the right comparative form?

a. Pizza is as expensive as hamburger.
b. Hamburger is cheaper than pizza.
c. Hamburger is more cheap than pizza.

Read this recount to answer number 3-5!

My Holiday

Last week, I and my father (3) ___ to my grandma’s house. It was in Bandung city. It took about 3 hours from my house. We (4)___ home at 6 in the morning. We took the car and brought some gift for her. After I arrived there, she welcomed us and hugged me. It was our encounter after many years. Glad that she’s healthy. And I was surprised that she had cooked some lunch menu for us. We stayed there for 2 days only.

3. Choose the following word below for the gap number 3!

a. Go                                            
b. Going                              
c. Went

4. Choose the following word below for the gap number 4!

a. Leaf                          
b. Left                                  
c. Leave

5. The word encounter on the paragrap has similar meaning to…

a. Meet up                 
b. Visit                                 
c. Going

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Invitation


You’re Invited to Jeremy’s Birthday Party

Date      : 18th of June 2020

Time      : 07.00 PM- 09.00 PM

Place     : Jeremy’s House

My party won’t be perfect without your attendance. RSVP please call my sister, Andrea on 0845521901 before 14th of June. See you!

1. When will the party be held?

a. At noon                  
b. In the morning                            
c. In the evening

2. What should the invitee do as soon as possible if they’ll attend the party?

a. Prepare gift                          
b. Call Andrea                                   
c. Call Jeremy

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Dear all students,

Mr. Anderson, our headmaster, is going to move to another school next month. As his kindness and sincerity for the past 3 years won’t be able forgotten, our school will have a farewell party.

Date      : 30th of June 2020

Place     : School hall

Time      : 02.00 PM – 04.00 pm

Please attend the party on time and create beautiful memory together.

3. Farewell has similar meaning to…

a. Welcome                                               
b. Separation                    
c. Go away

4. Who will not allow to attend the party?

a. Administration staff                          
b. Student                          
c. Student’s parent

5. Who will be sent away at the party?

a. Mr. Anderson                      
b. Student                          
c. Teacher

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Greeting Card


Dear Andi,

Congratulations for your graduation. No wonder that you’re best student at your school too. I wish the happiness and successful of yours. Don’t ever give up, my bestie!

Best regards.


1. Who’s the receiver of the greeting card?

a. Andre                      
b. Andi                 
c. My bestie

2. What does the “bestie” mean?”

a. Friendship                             
b. Best friend    
c. Best junior

3. When will the card supposed to give?

a. On his wedding day                           
b. After graduation party             
c. On birthday party

Dear Mom and Dad,

You both are irreplaceable. I’m so grateful that you are my parents. Happy 18th anniversary. As a daughter, I’m trying my best to be your pride, happiness, and everything for you. Thank you for existing as best partner to each other.


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4. Who’s the writer?

a. Arin                          
b. Mom                               
c. Dad

5. If today is 2020, when did Arin’s Mom and Dad get married?

a. 2002                         
b. 2001                 
c. 2003

Selain mempelajari arti dari setiap kalimat, di kelas 8 juga dituntut untuk memahami sebuah konteks. Di samping berlatih soal bahasa Inggris kelas 8, kamu juga bisa melakukan latihan lebih banyak dengan menonton film atau berlatih menulis.

Akan lebih baik jika kamu memiliki teman atau guru yang nyaman untuk berdiskusi dan berlatih dalam berbahasa Inggris.