Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 – Memasuki jenjang kelas 7 akan memiliki materi bahasa Inggris yang berbeda. Di jenjang ini, kamu akan mulai mempelajari berbagai expression untuk berinteraksi dengan lebih luas.

Berbagai soal latihan bahasa Inggris kelas 7 akan membantumu dalam mengeksplorasi dan mengasah skill. Berikut adalah beberapa contoh dialog dan teks yang bisa kamu pelajari.

Semester 1


1. Mom   : “Where are you going, Andi?”

Andi       : “I’m going to Rita’s house, Mom. ____”

The best expression to fill the gap is…

a. See you!                 b. Good night.                   C. I’m sorry.

2. Rita : “Andi, this is my friend, Tina.”

Andi       : “Hi, Tina. How do you do?”

Tina        : “___”

What does Tina say then?

a. How are you?
b. How do you do?
c. Are you okay?

3. Tina : “What’s that?”

Mila       : “It’s a gift for you. Here you are.”

Tina        : “___”

The best expression of Tina is…

a. Oh my god.
b. What’s this?
c. Thank you very much.

4. Mila : “Ardi, I forget to bring your book. ____.”

Ardi        : “It’s okay. You can bring it tomorrow.”

The best sentence to fill the gap is…

a. Are you okay?
b. I’m sorry.
C. Don’t be angry.

5. This is my school. ____ 24 classrooms in it.

Which one of the following is correct to fill the gap?

a. There is
b. It is
c. There are

6. Mom : “It’s hot today. ________”

The correct command to fill the gap is…

a. Turn on the lamp!
b. Open the window!
C. Turn off the stove!

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7. Your sister is tired. She falls asleep just now. Then, your brother pats her body and wants to play with her. What would you say?

a. Don’t go there!
b. Don’t wake her up!
c. Don’t come here!

8. “Please lower the radio volume. I’m ___ now.”

Which one of the following is correct?

a. Study 
b. Studying 
c. Studies

9. “She didn’t sleep last night. She’s ___”

Which one of the following is correct?

a. Sleep
b. Sleepy                            
c. Yawn

10. “Your room is so ___. Don’t forget to clean it.”

Which one of the following is correct?

a. Dirty                         
b. Tidy        
c. Clear

Semester 2


1. “Oh, no! I’m late. It is ____ now.” (06.45)

a. Fifteen past six
b. Fifteen to seven
c. Half and fifteen past six

2. A : “What’s your opinion about this red shoes?”

B : “___. I’d prefer the blue ones.”

Which one the following is the best?

a. Those are nice.
b. Honestly, I dislike it.
c. I think so.

3. I live __ Bogor.

Which preposition is correct?

a. In                              
b. on                     
c. at

4. Guest : “__”

Waiter  : “Okay. Any else?”

The best expression to fill the guest’s dialogue is…

a. May I pay?
b. Can I go now?
c. May I have some juice?

5. “I can answer the question ___. That’s why I got 100 for English test.”

Which adverb on the following is correct?

a. Clearly                     
b. Fast                  
b. Easily

6. A : “___”

B         : “Yes, here it is.”

Which one of the following is correct?

a. Do you have pen?
b. Do you like the shoes?
c. Do you eat my ice cream?

7. Every day, Rita and andi go to school together.

Which one of the following is correct negative form?

a. Every day, Rita and Andi doesn’t go to school together.
b. Every day, Rita and Andi don’t go to school together.
c. Every day, Rita and Andi don’t goes to school together.

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8. “___ your cat eat fish?”

The correct word of the gap is…

a. Is                               
b. Do                    
c. Does

9. A  : “Is it your car?”

B          : “___”

The best answer is…

a. No, it doesn’t.
b. No, it is.
c. No, it isn’t.

10. A  : “___”

B            : “No. I don’t.”

The best question of the following is…

a. Does she like cake?
b. Does you like cake?
c. Do you like cake?

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 tentang Descriptive Text


My Bedroom

My favorite place at home is my bedroom. It’s small but comfortable. In this place, I sleep, study, and enjoy my free time.

The color of the wall is grey. It makes me calm and sleep easily. I clean my room diligently. I make the bed every morning and clean it every afternoon.

Since I sleep alone, my bed is single size. I’d love to use blue sheet. My pillow and bolster are always white. I have a desk to study, a small closet to keep my clothes and bag, a shelf for my books, and some frames on the wall. I have so many childhood photos on the wall.

1. Which activity that can be called as free time in bedroom?

a. Listen to music.
b. Fishing.
c. Bake some cakes.

2. Why does the writer use grey as the wall color?

a. Because the paint is cheap.
b. It helps to sleep easily.
c. Grey is writer’s favorite color.

3. What does “make the bed” mean?

a. Create a bed with wood, steel, etc.
b. Clean the bed and make it neat.
c. Move the bed.

4. Closet has the silimar meaning to…

a. Space                      
b. Shelf                
c. Wardrobe

5. What does the writer have on the wall?

a. Photos                    
b. Painting          
c. Clock

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 tentang Simple Present Tense


1. My mom _____ a teacher.

a. Are                         
b. Am                                   
c. Is

2. Andi always ______ home early in the morning.

a. Leaves                    
b. Leaving                           
c. Leave

3. My parents ______ at the same office.

a. Work                       
b. Works                             
c. Worked

4. The cat ______ white fur.

a. Had                         
b. Have                                
c. Has

5. My mother has plants in front of the house.

The negative form of the sentence above is…

a. My mother doesn’t has plants in front of the house.
b. My mother doesn’t have plants in front of the house.
c. My mother don’t have plants in front of the house.

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Pembelajaran materi di kelas 7 masih mengenai dasar-dasar bahasa Inggris. Ini adalah kesempatan kamu untuk menggunakan waktu sebaik-baiknya. Kamu bisa memperbanyak berlatih soal bahasa Inggris kelas 7.

Selain mempelajari berbagai macam greeting, mulailah menggali kalimat menggunakan tenses seperti simple present yang sering digunakan di dalam materi.