Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 – Bahasa Inggris menjadi salah satu mata pelajaran yang penting di sekolah. Kamu bisa mengetahui lebih banyak hal yang sumbernya tidak hanya dari lokal saja.

Kamu bisa memperkaya pengetahuan dalam berbahasa dengan berbagai soal bahasa Inggris kelas 6. Di jenjang ini, kamu akan mempelajari berbagai bentuk interaksi hingga bentuk cerita pendek.

Semester 1


1. A  : “Excuse me. ___”

B          : “Supermarket? Go straight for about 500 meters.”

The best expression to fill the gap is…

a. Do you know supermarket?
b. Could you show me where the supermarket is?
c. I want to go to supermarket.

2. A  : “Could you tell me what I should take to Botani Garden?”

B          : “___”

The correct answer is…

a. You should take a bus.
b. You should take the tree.
c. I can’t tell you.

3. A     : “What day is 25th of December?”

B             : “___”

The correct answer is…

a. It’s independence day.
b. It’s christmas.
c. It’s heroes day commemoration.

4. What does we celebrate every 1st of January?

a. It’s a new year day.
b. It’s natinal education day.
c. It’s Sunday.

5. Which one of the following statement is description of orange?

a. It’s bitter and triangular.
b. It’s red and square.
c. It’s sour and round.

6. A    : “___?”

B             : “It’s five dollars and half.”

The correct question is…

a. How much is it?
b. How many is it?
c. What is money?

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7. A   : “Whose laptop is this?”

B             : “___”

The correct answer is…

a. It’s mine.
b. They are mine.
c. It’s me.

Fill the blank with the correct possesive adjective or possessive pronoun!

I have a cat named Brandy. (8)__ cat is fat and adorable. It east a lot almosst every day. (9)__ fur is white and soft, that’s why I like to hold it. Every morning, my cat kisses my foot and play along before I go to school. My family love it. It is (10)___ happiness.

8. a. My
b. I
c. Its

9. a. It
b. Its
c. My

10. a. Us
b. Our
c. Her

Semester 2


1. A    : “___?”

B             : “It has twenty classrooms.”

The correct question is…

a. How much is the classroom?
b. How many classrooms does it have?
c. How many classroom do it has?

2. Jakarta is ___ of indonesia.

a. The country
b. The kingdom
c. The capital city

 3. “The clasroom is so dark. Andi, ___”

The best command to fill the gap is…

a. Turn off the lamp!
b. Turn on the lamp!
c. Switch off the lamp!

4. The closest planet to the Earth is…

a. Jupiter
b. Pluto
c. Mars

5. A    : “I’m so thirsty. ___?”

B             : “Sorry, I only have tea.”

a. Can I have some carrot?
b. Can I have some soda?
c. May I take coffee?

6. A    : “I have a headache now.”

B             : “___”

What will B suggest to A?

a. You should take some medicine.
b. You should eat fruit.
c. You should go home.

7. A    : “Are you okay?”

B             : “I have stomachache.”

A             : “___”

B             : “Thanks, but I have my medicine just now.”

Which the following statement is correct?

a. Do you want it?
b. Would you like to help me?
c. Shall I get you something?

8. Mina : “Steve, how do you go to school?”

Steve    : “___”

The correct answer is…

a. I take a bus.
b. I take walk.
c. I take foot.

9. Lala : “Tina, what’s your hobby?”

Tina         : “___”

The correct answer is…

a. My hobby is sing.
b. My hobby is singing.
c. Her hobby is singing.

10. Which one of the following is the opposit of North?

a. South
b. West
c. East

Soal Bahasa Inggris tentang Food and Drink


1. The following food is usually drank in the morning, except…

a. Milk
b. Water
c. Soda

2. Which one of the following is dessert?

a. Rice
b. Ice Cream
c. Chicken soup

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3. This beverage is served in cold, except…

a. Coffee
b.  Syrup
c. Milkshake

4. Which one is the appetizer?

a. Pizza
b. Spaghetti
c. French Fries

5. Which one is the main course?

a. Mineral water
b. Soup
c. Fried rice

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 tentang Folktales


Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih

One day, there was a kind girl named bawang Putih. She lived with step-mother and a step-sister called bawang Merah. Bawang Putih’s father married the woman but passed away three months later.

Both step mother and sister were bad to her. They always told bawang putih to wash, clean, do the laundry, cook all alone. Eventough they were cruel, Bawang Putih never did complaint.

One day Bawang Putih got a box from a stranger when she was washing clothes. She said that it was for Bawang putih. She should leave her cruel family. Bawang putih opened that and there were jewelry inside.

She brought it home but her mom took it and asked Bawang Putih to go away. After her mom opened it, the jewelry changed into snakes. She and Bawang Merah afraid of that. Later, they asked forgiveness to Bawang Putih.

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1. Who gave Bawang Putih a box?

a. Bawang Merah
b. Her step-mother
c. A stranger

2. With whom Barang Putih lived?

a. Her father
b. Her step-mother and sister
c. husband

3. When did Bawang Putih get the box?

a. When she washed some clothes.
b. When she washed the dishes.
c. When she cooked something for dinner.

4. What did Bawang Putih found inside the box?

a. Some jewelry
b. Some snakes
c. Some new clothes

5. What is the value of the story?

a. Don’t be cruel to your own family.
b. We should be unkind to our family.
c. Don’t be easily fooled by someone you know.


Kamu bisa mempelajari berbagai expression sederhana melalui film yang kamu sukai. Sementara teks sederhana bisa dengan membaca berbagai buku cerita berbagai bahasa Inggris.

Untuk mengasah skill pemahaman, sebaiknya kamu menyempatkan diri untuk berlatih soal bahasa Inggris kelas 6. Dengan berbagai latihan, kemampuan kamu akan semakin meningkat.