Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 – Materi bahasa Inggris yang ada di kelas 4 SD fokus kepada vocabulary. Beberapa di antara materi yang diajarkan adalah hal-hal yang ada di sekitar kita, menyebutkan nama hari dan bulan, dan benda yang kita pakai.

Ragam soal bahasa Inggris kelas 4 di bawah ini akan membantu kamu dalam mengeksplor kosakata yang sudah atau belum kamu kuasai sebelumnya.

Semester 1


1. This animal has 4 legs. Some farmers take their milk. It’s a tame one. What animal is it?

a. It’s a cat.
b. It’s a cow.
c. It’s a rabbit.

2. You will find this animal in a zoom. The skin is black an white. It has four leg and it looks like a horse. What is it?

a. It’s a tiger.
b. It’s a lion.
c. It’s a zebra.

3. What do you have on your bed?

a. Pillow and bolster.
b. Clock and closet.
c. Shoes and carpet.

4. Where do you watch your favorite cartoon?

a. I watch it on clock.
b. I watch it on television.
c. I watch it on lamp.

5. It’s an accessories. You wear it on your wrist. It shows the time. What is it?

a. It’s a clock.
b. It’s a watch.
c. It’s a necklace.

6. It’s a jewelry. You wear it on your finger. Sometimes it shines because it’s from gold or silver. What is it?

a. It’s a bracelet.
b. They are earrings.
c. It’s a ring.

7. At the park, some people are jogging. They are jogging on the…

a. Sandbox
b. Jogging path
c. Pond

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8. What do you see at the playground?

a. Swing and slide.
b. Pillow and bolster.
c. Spoon and fork.

9. This flower is small. The color is white and it smells good. What flower is it?

a. Dahlia
b. Rose
c. Jasmine

10. These following are flower’s name, except…

a. Aster
b. Cammelia
c. Eggplant

Semester 2


1. These followings are fruits that has sour taste, except…

a. Pear
b. Lemon
c. Orange

2. This fruit has oval shape. The skin is green to orange, but the flesh is totally yellow. It also has so many black seeds inside. What fruit is it?

a. It’s lychee.
b. It’s papaya.
c. It’s mangosteen.

3. This vegetables has long shape. The color is purple. What is it?

a. It’s eggplant.
b. It’s corn.
c. It’s bell pepper.

4. I go to the park on Sunday morning. There are many people there. Some men and women are sitting on the ___.

What’s the correct one to fill the gap?

a. Slide
b. Bench
c. Pond

5. At the park we can see some beautiful animals. There are some colorful ___. They’re on some flowers.

What animal is it?

a. Rhinos
b. Girraffes
c. butterflies


6. Fany  : “Lala, what’s your hobby?”

Lala        : “___”

What is the correct answer?

a. I like chocolate.
b. I love fishing.
c. My hobby is film.

7. Andi  : “Mom, what’s your hobby?”

Mom     : “___”

Andi       : “Is that why you love watering plants and have some flowers in front of the house?”

Mom     : “yes, it is my dear.”

What’s mom’s hobby to fill the gap?

a. My hobby is cooking.
b. My hobby is cycling.
c. My hobby is gardening.

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8. Tammy : “Scarlett, do you go to school on ___?”

Scarlett : “No, I don’t. It’s day off.”

What day is suitable for the gap?

a. Friday
b. Wednesday
c. Sunday

9. Andi : “Mina, what day is today?”

Mina      : “Today is Tuesday, Andi.”

Andi       : “So, what day is tomorrow?”

Mina      : “___”

How does Mina answer?

a. Tomorrow is Saturday.
b. Tomorrow is Wednesday.
c. Tomorros is Thursday.

10. Fina : “This month has 28 or 29 days. What month is it?”

Andi       : “__”

What will Andi answer?

a. It’s February.
b. It’s March.
c. It’s August.

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 tentang Calendar


1. Now is January. So, the last month is ___.

a. February
b. December
c. November

2. Today is Thursday. The next two days is ___.

a. Friday
b. Saturday
c. Sunday

Read the Schedule below to answer 3-5!

Nusa Bangsa Sport and Art Week 2020

Monday, 18th of March                – Basketball competition.

Tuesday, 19th of March                –  Volleyball competition.

Wednesday, 20th of March         – Soccer competition.

Thursday, 21st of March               – Singing contest.

Friday, 22nd of March                    – Band contest.

Saturday, 23rd of March               – Art class contest

3. When is the volleyball competition?

a. Wednesday
b. Thursday
c. Tuesday

4. What contest is on Friday?

a. Singing contest.
b. Band contest.
c. Art class contest.

5. When is the soccer competition?

a. It’s Wednesday.
b. It’s Saturday.
c. It’s Monday

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 tentang Clothes


1. This clothes is used when it is raining. You need it so your own clothes will not get wet. What is it?

a. Jeans.
b. Raincoat.
c. Uniform.

2. You must wear this whenever go to school. What is it?

a. Uniform.
b. Sweater.
c. Coat.

3. When the weather is cold, you should wear this on your neck. What iss it?

a. Suit.
b. Tie.
c. Scarf.

4. Which one of the following is the footwear?

a. Slippers.
b. Jacket.
c. T-shirt.

5. You wear these clothes on your hands. What clothes are these?

a. Stockings.
b. Gloves.
c. Shoes.

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6. You only wear this whenever you want to go to bed. What is it?

a. It’s pajamas.
b. They’re pants.
c. It’s skirt.

7. Before you wear your shoes, usually you wear these on your feet. What are these?

a. Trousers.
b. Socks.
c. Slacks.

8. Which on of the following clothes that only wear by girl?

a. Undershirt.
b. Skirt.
c. Uniform.

9. You wear it on your head. It protects your hair from the sun. What’s it?

a. Cap
b. Dress
c. Belt

10. Which one of the following is jewelry?

a. Bracelet.
b. Hat.
c. Scarf.


Salah satu cara agar bisa mudah menguasai bahasa Inggris adalah dengan mengetahui berbagai kosakata. Selagi di jenjang SD kelas 4, kamu bisa memperdalam melalui soal bahasa Inggris kelas 4.

Selain menambah kosakata, kamu juga akan mampu mendeskripsikannya menggunakan kalimat tertentu.