Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 2

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 2 – Mempelajari bahasa Inggris kini dimulai di jenjang sekolah dasar. Materi vocabulary dasar umumnya diajarkan di kelas 2.

Kamu perlu banyak berlatih dialog sederhana dan kosakata menggunakan soal bahasa Inggris kelas 2. Untuk memudahkan dalam belajar, kamu bisa memulai dengan ragam soal pilihan ganda.

Semester 1


1. Andi is the son of Mr. Anderson and Mrs. Milawati.

Andi calls Mr. Anderson ___.

a. Father
b. Grandfather
c. Uncle

2. Tina has a brother. His name maybe ___.

a. Rita
b. Indah
c. Rudi

3. My father has a brother. I call him ___.

a. Brother
b. Uncle
c. Father

4. Lila: “What time do you go to school?”

Fakhri    :”___”

a. I go to school at six in the morning.
b. I go to school at ten in the morning.
c. I go to school at seven in the evening.

5. Andi  : “What time is it?”

Budi       : “___” (10.00)

a. It’s ten o’clock.
b. It’s half past ten.
c. It’s ten to ten.

6. Tara :”When do you have lunch?”

Budi       : “___”

a. I have lunch at 07.00 in the morning.
b. I have lunch at 12.00 in the afternoon.
c. I have lunch at 06.00 in the evening.

7. Waiter : “What will you have?”

Lala        :”___”(ayam goreng)

a. I’ll have french fries.
b. I’ll have fried chicken.
c. I’ll have fried rice.

8. Mom : “What do you want to buy?”

Nina       : “___” (jus tomat)

a. I want to buy avocado juice.
b. I want to buy tomato juice.
c. I want to buy potato juice.

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9. We wear ___ to go to school.

a. Umbrella.
b. Uniform.
c. T-shirt.

10. We don’t wear ___ to school.

a. Uniform
b. Shoes
c. Sandals

Semester 2

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 2 Semester 2

1. Nidya  : “Anin, what’s your hobby?”

Anin       : “___” (melukis)

a. My hobby is painting.
b. My hobby is cooking.
c. My hobby is gardening.

2. Andi : “Budi, what’s your hobby?”

a. My hobby is playing football.
b. My hobby is reading.
c. My hobby is swimming.

3. Ani’s father works at the police station. He is a ___.

a. Writer
b. Cook
c. Policeman

4. My aunt is on TV every morning. She is a star of drama. She is an ___.

a. Actor
b. Actress
c. Pilot

5. Andi has ten 10 books and 3 pencils.

How many books does Andi have?

a. Eleven
b. Three
c. Ten

6. Mom has 3 jasmine plants, 4 rose plants, and 2 aster plants.

How many plants of all?

a. Nine plants.
b. Eight plants.
c. Ten plants.

7. Tami has toothache. She should visit a ___.

a. Dentist
b. Teacher
c. Pilot

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a. Actor
b. Doctor
c. Architect

9. Where do you go if you have stomahache?

a. I go to school.
b. I go to hospital.
c. I go to grandma’s house.

10. Where do you go if you want to study?

a. I go to a park.
b. I go to a cinema.
c. I go to a school.

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 2 Family


My Family

My name is Indah. I’m eight years old. I have a big family at home. They are father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, two younger sisters and an older brother.

My father is Budi and my mother is Ani, My grandfather is Rudi and my grandmother is Tina, My brother is Akbar and my sisters are Lala and Lili.

Lala and Lili are twins. Sometimes my uncle, Tono, and his wife Tika come to my house. They have one daughter called Astri.

1. Who is Indah’s grandfather and grandmother?

a. Budi and Ani.
b. Rudi and Tina
c. Tono and Tika.

2. Who’s Indah’s cousin?

a. Lala
b. Astri
c. Akbar

3. Who’s Indah’s aunt?

a. Tika
b. Astri
c. Lili

4. How old is Indah?

a. 8 years old.
b. 7 years old.
c. 6 years old.

5. Who are Lala and Lili?

a. Indah’s twin brothers.
b. Indah’s cousins.
c. Indah’s twin sisters.

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 2 Food and Drink


Canteen at School

My name is Farla. My school has a big canteen. There are many stalls in it. There are sausage stall, meatball stall, noodles stall, ice cream stall, beverage stall, and bread stall. We may go to a canteen at 10 am as break time and 1 PM at lunch time. I usually go there with my bestfriend, Lisa. I like to order sausages. Lisa likes to order some bread.

1. How is canteen at Farlas’s school?

a. It’s small.
b. It’s big.
c. It’s dirty.

2. What stall do you find at the canteen?

a. A bread stall.
b. A chicken stall.
c. A fish stall.

3. What does Farla like to order?

a. She orders milk.
b. She orders cheese.
c. She orders sausages.

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4. What does Farla’s best friend like to order?

a. She orders meatball.
b. She orders noodles.
c. She orders bread.

5. What time is the lunch time?

a. It’s 7 AM.
b. It’s 10 AM.
c. It’s 1 PM.

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 2 tentang Greeting

1. Teacher  : “It’ time to go home. See you tomorrow!”

Students              : “___”

a. Good morning!
b. See you!
c. Good night.

2. Andi  : “Hi, how are you today Budi?”

Budi       : “___”

a. It is okay, Andi.
b. You are welcome, my friend.
c. I am fine. How about you?

3. Riska : “Hello, my name is Rika. Nice to meet you, Budi.”

Budi       : “___”

a. See you tomorrow, Riska.
b. Nice to meet you too.
c. I’m fine, Riska.

4. Fani : “Where do you go?”

Tina        : “I’m going to have a vacation.”

Fani        : “___”

a. Never mind, Tina.
b. Have a nice trip.
c. I’m fine, thanks.

5. Budi : “Good bye, Rina!”

Rina       : “___”

a. Good bye.
b. Good night.
c. Hi!

Materi dan soal bahasa Inggris kelas 2 cukup mudah. Kamu hanya perlu menguasai greeting sederhana dan beberapa jenis kosakata seperti nama tempat dan benda di sekitarmu.

Kemampuanmu akan meningkat jika banyak berlatih. Mintalah bantuan guru, orang tua dan teman untuk latihan berdialogmu.