Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 – Mengisi soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 12 membutuhkan ketelitian yang tinggi. Kamu berada di level yang tertinggi dari semua jenjang sekolah.

Soal yang kamu hadapi akan lebih kompleks dan membutuhkan pemahaman yang dalam. Kamu bisa memperlajari berbagai contoh soal untuk mengasah kemampuanmu berbahasa Inggris.

Semester 1

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 12 Semester 1

1. Mary  : “Rinda, you know what? The management has approved our proposal!”
Rinda     : “…”
Mary     : “I’m shaking after got phone call just now.”

The best expression to complete the dialogue is…

a. Wow! I can’t believe it!
b. I don’t think so.
c. Unfortunately.

2. The woman entered the building. She saw many reporters at the receptionist. When she walked in, a reporter … her, “are you Mrs. Soraya?”

Which verb that appropriate?

a. Grabbed                
b. Asked                             
c. Scared

3. Mr. Anderson, “Was Tina absent yesterday?

Change the sentence into indirect speech!

  1. Mrs. Anderson asked was Tina absent yesterday.
  2. Mrs. Anderson asked where did Tina go yesterday.
  3. Mrs. Anderson asked if Tina was absent yesterday.

Read the advertisement below to answer 4-5!


CITRAMIN – Vitamin C for your kids

Citramin is chewable, delicious, and sweet. Fullfill your kid’s daily requirement of vitamin C in fun way! Every tablet consists of 100 mg of vitamin C. Eat two tablets a day to keep the doctor away!

Available  : orange, strawberry and blackcurrant flavours!

4. Who is the target of the advertisement?

a. Elderly                     
b. Kids                  
c. Toddlers

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5. What does chewable mean?

a. Can be bitten
b. The taste is delicious
c. Can be drunk

Semester 2

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 12 Semester 2

Read the narrative below to answer number 1-3

One day, a goat passed by a well. He heard a cry for help from the well. When he looked inside, it turned out that there was a fox. “Can you help me? I’m stuck in here.”

“What can I do for you?” the goat asked.

“Please go into the well. I must ascend your body to get out of here. After that, I will also help you to get out of the well. I am very hungry and have to find food for my children.”

Without thinking, the goat went into the well without water. The fox immediately climbed onto the goat’s body then jumped out. The fox smiled cunningly because the goat easily trusted him.

“Then how can I get out of here?” asked the goat.

The fox laughed. “You’re so stupid. I won’t help you. Good bye, the stupid goat.”

Then the goat realizes that he shouldn’t believe in a fox.

1. Where did the conversation between the goat and the fox take place?

a. Lake                         
b. Well                 
c. Sea

2. Who’s the cunning based on the story?

a. Writer                     
b. Goat                
c. Fox

3. What’s the value of the story?

a. You should be kind wherever and whenever.
b. Don’t trust anyone easily.
c. Don’t be cunning or you’ll get karma.

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Complete the paragraph for number 4-6


WHO has announced that the spread of COVID-19 can be airborne. This was (4) … at a meeting held in Geneva. That way, new policies may have to be implemented in various countries.

Previously, WHO only stated that the spread of COVID-19 came from aerosol particles and droplets. (5) …, in conditions of a narrow space, closed, and poor air circulation, the virus can be in the air.

People who breathe in the air have a great chance of being exposed to the virus.

Apart from doing social distancing, healthy people need to use mask and avoid leaving the house. The mask used should be N95, not a surgical or cotton mask. Cotton masks have gaps that (6) … the virus to still enter through the respiratory tract.

4. a. State                   
b. States                     
c. Stated

5. a. However
b. Although               
c. Nevertheless

6. a. Allowed 
b. Allowing                
c. Allow

7. Tari :”Nobody knows …”
Arika    : “The biology teacher is Mr. Andrew.”

a. Who is the teacher.
b. Who the teacher is.
c. Who the teacher isn’t.

8. My father’s motorcycle lasts a long time … it is cheap.

a. But                           
b. Although       
c. Despite

9. My brother was watching television … my mom cooked.

a. While       
b. When              
c. As

10. Stranger : “Would you mind … me the direction to the market?”
Tina                : “Go straight, about a kilometer.”

a. Shows     
b. Show                               
c. Showing

Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 12 Kurikulum 2013


Text for number 1-3

Cimanggu III N14


9th of June 2020

Mr. Anderson

PT MS-Three


Dear Mr. Anderson,

I’m Dita Apriyani, an eighteen-year-old student and student of SMA Nusa Bangsa. I’m interested to have internship at your company during my school holiday, from June-July 2020.

I’d love to join your company who manages MS-3 FM. It’ a well-known radio channel that I listen to every night. I’d like to have excellent experience there as a broadcaster. My school has broadcasting extracurricular and I’m the one of broadcaster for 2 years. I believe that I’ll be a strong candidate.

I’m looking forward to attend your interview session with you.

Best regards,

Dita Apriyani

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1. Who’s the job aplicant above?

a. Mr. Anderson                      
b. PT MS-Three                
c. Dita Apriyani

2. What position does Dita apply?

a. Managing director                             
b. Broadcaster                  
c. Security officer

3. The letter is addressed to…

a. SMA Nusa Bangsa                              
b. Mr. Anderson              
c. Broadcaster at MS-3 FM

4. Risa : “Hi Tom. You have so many books and they look heavy for you.”
Tom       : “Yeah, I borrow them from the library.”
Risa        : “…”
Tom       : “You’re so kind. Here you are. Thank you.”

a. Would you like me?
b. Would you like me to help you?
c. May I go first?

5. Clerk : “Do you need some help, Ms?”
Tina        : “I’m looking for medium size of blue sweater.”
Clerk      : “…”
Tina        : “Unfortunately. Thanks.”

a. I’m sorry. We only have large size.
b. Here you are.
c. I don’t think so.


Persiapan dalam menghadapi ujian atau tes tidak hanya mempelajari teori saja. Kamu harus sering mencari berbagai soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 12 dan mencoba menjawabnya sendiri.

Latihan soal akan membuat kamu terbiasa menghadapi berbagai tipe soal. Dengan begitu, kamu akan dengan mudah menghadapi ujian.