Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 – Mempelajari bahasa asing adalah hal yang cukup menantang, terutama bahasa Inggris. Bahasa yang satu ini telah menjadi mata pelajaran wajib di sekolah.

Jika kamu siswa kelas 11, maka perlu mengasah kemampuan kamu dengan berlatih soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 11. Tak hanya beragam expression, kemampuanmu dalam membaca teks sangat diperlukan di jenjang ini.

Semester 1


1. Inna : “Eric, would you mind lending me your book?”

Eric         : “Of course. I wouldn’t.”

What does the underlined mean?

a. Makes an offering                              b. Accepts the request                  c. Makes a request

2. Lala : “Finally, my package has been sent.”

Andi       : “Wow. It has been a week.”

The underlined shows the expression of …

a. Scared                                      b. Relief                                               c. Worried

Read the text below to answer number 3-5!


Obesity has become an important issue in the USA. This issue has occurred about twenty years back. The country is experiencing an increase in the number of patients suffering from obesity-related illnesses. Some of them are heart attack and hypertension.

The US health department stated that they have made policies that are preventive. One way is to prohibit the existence of food machines in schools that contain sweet foods, such as chocolate and candy. That way, teens can spend their money on nutritious food at school breaks instead of buying sweets.

Despite the controversy in the sweet food industry, this step is considered appropriate. Because obesity begins at a young age and most sufferers are teens and adults under 25 years. That way, sufferers of obesity-related diseases can be reduced.

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3. The disease that isn’t mentioned in the paragraph is …

a. Heart attack                           b. Hypertension                                               c. Dizziness

4. Based on the paragraph, which one is vulnerable about the obesity?

a. Elderly                                      b. Teens                                               c. Adults

5. What does the second paragraph tell about?

a. Years of obesity issue in the USA
b. Sufferers of obesity
c. Action to decrease the obesity

Semester 2


1. Tika : “The salad is very delicious here. I love it!”

Andrew     : “I don’t think so. The vegetables aren’t fresh enough.”

In the dialogue, Andre shows …

a. Satisfaction                 b. Offering help                                c. Dissatisfaction

2. …. isn’t allowed. You should go to the cafetaria.

a. Eat in class
b. Eating in class
c. Eaten in class

3. Andre : “Ari, don’t forget …”

Ari           : “Okay.”

a. To lock the door
b. Locking the door
c. Locks the door

4. Eventhough she has everyone’s secret, she always denies …

a. Tell them to the others.
b. Telling them to the others.
c. To tell them to the others.

5. The purpose of the text is showing writer’s argument, there are cause and effect, and give the slice of information to the reader. What kind of text is it?

a. Hortatory text                           b. Description text                           c. Exposition text

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 tentang Explanation


Tsunami can be classified as one of scariest disaster in the world. It happens when massive scale waves in the sea or ocean displace into the coast. Tsunami is Japanese term that menas a wave in the harbour.

Tsunami usually happens after a massive earthquake where the epicentrum is less than 20 km under the sea level. The earthquake makes the sea floot deforms. If it moves vertically, it displaces the water and creates a massive wave.

Tsunami can destroy the coast cause the big energy from the water. Unfortunately, it’s hard to detect this kind of wave until now.

Every country in the Asia plate boundaries must be more careful. The erathquake happens almost everyday though it’s a small scale. The big ones happened in Japan, Chili, and indonesia.

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1. Tsunami is the term from …

a. Japan                        b. Chili                   c. Indonesia

2. Why is tsunami called as the scariest disaster?

a. Because it can make an earthquake.
b. Because it destroys the coastal area.
c. Because no one predicts it.

3. What is the trigger of tsunami?

a. Volcanic activity                   b. Plate activity                 c. The full moon

4. The word scariest has similar meaning to …

a. Dangerous                             b. Frightening                    c. Destroy

5. What is plate in the passage?

a. A dishware.
b. Continent lies on it.
c. Volcano mountain

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 Cause and Effect


Using private vehicles is a common thing in developing countries. However, this habit is considered bad for several reasons. The first is to contribute emissions and some drivers are minors.

The number of private vehicle purchases, one of which Indonesia continues to increase. The middle class chooses to buy a car to go to work instead of taking public transportation.

This is related in terms of comfort and safety, because there are still many crime events in public places. As a result, pollution in big cities is very high and endangering health.

Another unfortunate thing is underage drivers. They use motorcycles to go to school, even though they don’t have a driver’s license. Not infrequently that they become contributors to high accident rates every year.

In addition to increasing security by the police, self awareness is needed that the use of private vehicles can be harmful. The government needs to take policies related to private vehicle ownership and also its access on the streets.

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1. What does the effect of middle class choosing the private vehicles instead using the public transportation based on the paragraph?

a. Increasing the death toll.
b. The air pollution is in dangerous scale.
c. Contibute to the traffic.

2. What is minors?

a. Teens                       b. Someone under 18 years old                 c. Adults

3. Based on the paragraph, why do people avoid using public transportation?

a. It’s uncomfortable due to some crimes happened.
b. It costs a lot, more than having private vehicle.
c. It’s slow.

4. Is minor able to have driver license?

a. Yes                                                 b. No                                                     c. I don’t know

5. What’s writer suggestion about this issue?

a. Increase the checking of private vehicle.
b. Forbid some people to have private vehicle.
c. Make the policies regarding the ownership of private vehicle.


Berbagai macam soal bahasa Inggris kelas 11 bersifat memotivasimu untuk banyak membaca. Sajian teks memiliki topik yang cukup dalam dengan tema yang humaniora hingga sains.

Kamu bisa mempelajarinya dengan banyak membaca berita berbahasa inggris. Di sana juga akan banyak dialog narasumber yang membantumu untuk mempelajari berbagai expression dalam bahasa Inggris.