Savoy Cocktail Ingredients

Using the tags I’ve created for the site, I’ve made a complete list of all ingredients and garnishes used in the Savoy Cocktail Book. I didn’t initially ‘tag’ all the ingredients in the cocktails, so I’ll add more as I find them. Hopefully, eventually, I’ll work it up into a glossary type thing. One of […]

Keep Sober Cocktail

Keep Sober Cocktail 1/8 Grenadine. (Small Hand Foods Grenadine) 1/8 Sirop-de-Citron (Sirop-de-Citron, homemade) 3/4 Tonic. (Clayton’s Kola Tonic) Serve in long glass and fill with siphon soda. This one isn’t bad either, ending up tasting rather like a Cherry-Coke, though it wouldn’t be awful to include a little citrus. Another interesting experiment I tried was […]

Clayton’s Temperence Cocktail

Clayton’s Temperance Cocktail 1/4 Sirop-de-citron. (Sirop-de-Citron, homemade) 3/4 Kola Tonic. (Clayton’s Kola Tonic) Shake well and serve in cocktail glass. (Or build in a glass and top with chilled soda water.) Not that interesting, just kind of tastes like too sweet lemony cola. Some lime juice (and a splash of High West Rendezvous Rye) rendered […]

Clayton’s Pussyfoot Cocktail

Well, the first section after the 700 and some odd “Cocktails” is, drumroll… Non-Alcoholic Cocktails Actually, I wish there were some more exciting cocktails here, but most seem to have been cribbed from a “Clayton’s Kola Tonic” brochure. “Claytons. The drink you have when you’re not having a drink.” Clayton’s Pussyfoot Cocktail 1/4 Sirop-de-citron. (Sirop-de-Citron, […]


One ingredient I’ve kind of put off making is Sirop-de-Citron. Not because it is particularly or challenging to manufacture, but mostly because I have a bottle of Monin Lemon Syrup I’ve barely put a dent in. However, I’ve never really been thrilled with the drinks I’ve made with the Monin Syrup. With the recent arrival […]

Re-Vigorator Cocktail

Re-Vigorator Cocktail. 1/2 Gin. (1 oz Plymouth Gin) 1/4 Kola Tonic. (Scant 1/2 oz Rose’s Cola Tonic) 1/4 Sirop-de-citron. (1/4 oz Lemon Juice, 1/4 oz Monin Lemon Syrup) Shake well and strain into cocktail glass. Cheating slightly, as I just can’t face these Kola Tonic and Sirop-de-Citron cocktails without a little bit of citrus juice. […]