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Summer 2013 Root Beer Project, Post 17

Fizzary SF.

Fizzary SF.

Taylor’s makes a line of Mate based soft-drinks, but about 6 months ago they opened a retail space specializing in Candy and Fizzy Lifting Drinks.

Gaseosas y Dulces.

Gaseosas y Dulces.

AKA Gaseosas y Dulces.

Many Root Beers.

Many Root Beers.

And a fine selection of Root Beers, do they have. I scored Root Beers from Goose Island, Jackson Hole Soda, Kutztown, and, last but not least, 3 Dachshunds. Expect reviews of those in the next week, and more Root Beer from the Fizzary to follow.

The Fizzary, An Urban Menagerie of Soda

“Join our campaign to create a hands-on botanical brewery & soda wonderland in San Francisco, CA Plans are to expand our retail showroom and introduce a beverage museum. We also plan to create an unparalleled craft beverage incubator for the budding brewmaster and a delicious stop over for the parched adventurer! To receive campaign and contribution updates, as well as sneak peeks of the premiums you will be awared, simply drop us an email and you’ll receive an auto-reply with more information. We look forward to you joining our fizzy collective…Cheers!”

We’re OPEN! Tuesday-Sunday 11:45 am – 7:00 PM


ph: 1-877-368-4608

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