Russell’s Sassafras Root Beer

Summer 2013 Root Beer Project, Post 3

Root Beer

Root Beer


“Our cold-brewed sassafras based elixir made with 11 herbs and spices.”

Well, this is certainly the most interesting Root Beer, so far.

It has a medicinal nose, almost like the smells I associate with Mezcal or Batavia Arrack. When tasted, that it there, but it seems a bit like more of a green flavor.

None of the spices are overdone here, nor is the sweetness. The flavors are well integrated.

On the other hand, interesting though it is, I don’t know if I would go out of my way to try this Root Beer again.

I like the inspiration and inventiveness, but not quite sold on the taste.

It does inspire me to want to try and make Root Beer myself…

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