Baladin Spuma Nera

Spuma Nera

Baladin SPUMA NERA SODA Younger drinkers will certainly find “unusual” the taste of this drink and may wonder what it reminds them of. If they know that Spuma Nera, or “dark” as it was once called, could be considered the “mother” of chinotto, then they would know where they have already tasted it. In making this drink, we have gone back to the traditional recipe, which forsees – as the basis for the mertyle-leaf orange drink chinotto – the use of the pink part of the rhubarb root as well as an orange zest infususion. Of course, no colorings or preservatives are added.

Baladin Spuma Nera reminds me most of a non-alcoholic Campari, Sweet Vermouth, and soda, aka a non-alcoholic Americano. Quite tasty, with a light sweetness and bitterness. If I were in the business of making soft drinks, this is the type of thing I would aim for.

Had these first at the Mario Batali Italian food Wonderland, Eataly, in New York. Have since discovered that Avedano’s carries it.

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