A Lot of Avenging


Whew, that was a lot of Avenging!

Still not exactly sure how they are going to pull off Thanos in the next movie. Seems like they will have to introduce Captain Marvel first…

Anyway, I am now caught up to about exactly where I started reading the Avengers in about 1975. Whee!

Guess I can go back to actually getting some stuff done.

Social Media Blues

What? Facebook bought Instagram?

Oh fer craps sake, I got to enjoy Instagram on my Android phone for how long before that ugly, mean, gorilla takes it over? Like, A DAY!

Well, good on the Instagram folks, I hope they enjoy their condos in the tropics.

I guess that is OK, as long as Facebook doesn’t mess with Instagram. I mean, they wouldn’t spend that much just for a few engineers, some tech, and IP, just to kill it, would they? We’re talking about 1 Billion Dollars!

On Monday, the Facebook-owned app updated its terms of service to say companies could pay Instagram to use members’ images in ads without compensating the photographers. Instagram claimed the update was to allow the company to experiment with possible future advertising options, and was not part of any current plan to sell images.

Oh, right, this is Facebook, we’re talking about. Isn’t their motto, “Be as evil as we can be without alienating too many of the suckers who use our services”?

Sigh. And Mrs Flannestad has a good point, “Do you really think you own anything you post on social media?”

Well, why am I posting photos to Instagram anyway? Why not just put them on MY website? Why not put the energy I’m putting into someone else’s site into my own?

So there you go.

A bit of an experiment, but the daily photo posts I’ve been putting on Instagram will now be on savoystomp.com.

Let me know what you think.

Aristocratic Rice

Il Carnaroli Chef

A little unclear what makes rice ‘Aristocratic’. Am I the only one thinking of Sarah Silverman?

The box affirms, “…that CARNAROLI variety of rice is the gem of all the available varieties because of the PURENESS that it possess.”

And that, “FAMOUS INTERNATIONAL CHEFS favor the CARNAROLI variety of RICE because of its special nutritional and delicious nourishment it assures in all RISOTTO preparations.”

The package may not contain any, “BROKEN, CHALKY, or STAINED GRAINS,” but their English translations are another matter.

It does stay a bit more reliably toothsome than most Arborio I’ve cooked with. Is that an ‘aristocratic’ trait?