Sazerac (Old Overholt Rye)

Sazerac Cocktail 6 out of 28.

I have challenged myself to post 28 Sazeracs in 28 days for the month of February.

I’ll try some different spirits, try some out at bars, and have some friends make them for me. Hopefully, if I can get my act together we’ll have some video.


Sazerac Cocktail.
1 Lump of Sugar. (Generous Bar Spoon Rich Simple Syrup)
1 Dash Angostura or Peychana Bitters. (a couple dashes Peychaud’s Bitters)
1 Glass Rye or Canadian Club Whisky. (2 oz Old Overholt Rye)

Stir well and strain into another glass that has been cooled and rinsed with Absinthe (Sirene Absinthe Verte) and squeeze lemon peel on top.

Old Overholt Rye Whiskey sits in the middle. A tasty enough Rye, with a good bit of character, it is mostly a bit lacking in “Oooomph”. As many a booze soaked New York dipsomaniac has lamented, a 90 or a 100 proof version of this Rye would go a long way towards resurrecting this history laden brand.

I did mention they basically only drink overproof spirits in New York, didn’t I? Something about the cold weather, I think.

Anyway, this is a perfectly fine Sazerac, and Old Overholt is just about the most likely Whiskey for a Sazerac to be made with in New Orleans, so it is worth getting to know.

This post is one in a series documenting my ongoing effort to make all of the cocktails in the Savoy Cocktail Book, starting at the first, Abbey, and ending at the last, Zed.

4 thoughts on “Sazerac (Old Overholt Rye)

  1. I threw one of these together the other night with some Old Overholt. I use a heavier absinthe rinse than the recipe calls for, but to my taste this thing was pretty satisfying. Then again, it was our final drink of the night (after about 6 other shared libations), so my senses may have been slightly dulled. Must respect to your fantastic blog!

  2. The Old Man Overholt, as I affectionately refer to it, is the Old Standard for Sazaracs as far as I’m concerned. Just good enough to have another. Here, here!

  3. I just found this website while googling the best rye whiskey for sazeracs. You seem to have become the internet authority for such a debate, and I’d be inclined to take all you say as fact if not for the gross, sweet SoCo-ish taste of Old Overholt. That was the hardest bottle of whiskey to get through of my entire life, and I had an exclusive oral contract with Ancient Age for several straight formative years. Eeeks, the New Orleans go-to?

    But, as a fellow San Francisco resident, I find this blog to be among the most awesome I’ve ever stumbled across next to

    Thanks dude.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Kyle! Can’t believe you’re even mentioning my little enterprise in the same sentence with FlashGlamTrash! High praise, indeed.

      Funny story, my father-in-law was making Old-Fashioneds for me, and I thought, weird these are strangely tasty for being made from Old Overholt. Then I looked closer at the bottle and noticed it still had a tax label. Looking even closer, it was also higher proof than modern Overholt.

      Unfortunate, how far that once great whiskey has drifted.

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