BOTW–Hell or High Watermelon

In an interesting turn of events, some craft brewers in the United States are revisiting the aluminum can.  They say new technology in cans allows them to avoid the aluminum taste, and that opaque packaging is best for the beer inside.

Take back the can!

A local brew pub, 21st Amendment Brewery, has recently started canning two of its beers, Hell or Highwatermelon Wheat and Brew Free or Die IPA. I thought it would be fun to feature the Hell or Highwatermelon Wheat as this week’s Beer of the Week.

Fizzy Lifting Drink

The Hell or Highwatermelon is a fine and tasty American style Wheat Beer, completely appropriate for hot summer days. Plus, it is kind of fun that it is available in cans.  Certainly has a novelty aspect. Though, I have to admit, given my druthers, I’d pick the Brew Free or Die IPA.  In regards the aluminum smell, Mrs. Underhill and I still thought we detected a bit of it with the Watermelon Wheat, especially when it was poured in a glass.  Ultimately, a blind taste test is probably in order.

Crupled Can

How long since you’ve done that?

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