Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant

Dearest Vegetarian Friends and Sympathizers,

As you may know, even though I am not a vegetarian, one of my pet peeves is bad vegetarian food. There is no excuse for much of the pathetically inedible and not tasty food which passes for vegetarian in the US.

I blame the hippies.

In any case, I recently dined at Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant, which is very near where I work.

Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant

It is a Chinese restaurant which features an amazing array of meat free and meat-like entrees. I’m also not usually a huge fan of the fake meat, but this stuff is really tasty. I had a delicious smoked wheat gluten dish with black bean sauce and Chinese preserved veggies. Yum! The toothy texture of the wheat gluten reminded me most of King Trumpet Mushrooms. In fact, vegetarian or not, this is really tasty Chinese food.

OK, it is true parking in the Inner Sunset sucks to all hell.

However, this restaurant is not far at all from the N Judah MUNI line, so suck it up and take public transportation.