BOTW–Serafijn Celtic Angel

Interestingly, according the the document which came with this beer club release, this beer was originally brewed under contract for “an Irish musical group.” Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to figure out which musical group.

It is brewed in Belgium by a tiny microbrewery called Achilles. The documents call it a Irish Red Ale fermented with Belgian yeast.

It doesn’t make sense to me to really call it an Irish Ale, as it doesn’t taste like any Irish beer I’ve tried.

It’s also not as rich or heavy as most Belgian Ales I’ve tried.

Fairly fizzy, it is a dry ale with a touch of hops. They say that there is a bit of candy sugar added when they bottle, for secondary fermentation, but it seems to be almost entirely digested, as the beer is almost austere in its dryness. Celtic Angel reminds me of a sort of bottle conditioned, unfiltered Pilsener more than anything else. It’s really quite enjoyably drinkable. I could imagine it as a session beer, or going well with a variety of foods.

It does open up a bit, as it warms, and give up a bit of that spicy flavor you associate with Belgian Farmhouse Ales. Still, all in all, that aspect of its character is quite subtle.