Crazylandia Nine

If you’ve read the post “Homework“, you’ll know I made it through all 18 drinks more or less according to the recipes from the Flower drink book.

I did forget to pick up the Gosling’s at the store, which was a major mistake.  To me, (sorry Cameron,) the Cruzan Blackstrap Rum just did not make a good Dark and Stormy.

But on the whole I was really pleased.  The drinks were really good.

One thing to make drinks all night.  Another thing altogether to be proud of not just your technique, but also the drinks you are serving.

The main problem this evening being restraining myself from drinking too much of them!

I did save the old-fashioned and put it in the freezer until I had finished making the other cocktails.

I needed some sort of reward for myself anyway and I just couldn’t bring myself to throw an old-fashioned down the drain.

At this point, however, I just did not know how well I would work out behind the bar.

Would I be hopelessly slow at making drinks?

Even though I have made a point of purchasing more or less professional level bar tools for my home, not having pour spouts in the bottles, squeezing juice as I went, and not really having a kitchen organized like a bar, made it really difficult to judge how making drinks would go behind the bar.

Well, like E. said, if it got to be too much I could step off.  No pressure.

That said, damn it, I don’t want to seem to be some tourist or dilettante.  I’ve still got enough pride in having been a line cook that I don’t want to screw this up.  And I don’t want to let E. and the other bartenders down after they have invited me in and given me this chance.

4 thoughts on “Crazylandia Nine

  1. The best part of this (and I’m loving this series, btw) is that your jumping in on a Friday night, not Saturday or Sunday. Fridays are, at least in my experience, the busiest night of the week. The perfect storm of people getting off work and downing a few drinks while waiting for traffic to ease and then, later, the ‘going out on the town’ crowd. Wish I could be there…. you’re going to do fine. You’ve got the cooks experience of doing assembly line type work, the hard part is somewhere along the line you have to look up and be funny and engaging, all while that ticket machine is humming and everyone is judging the quality of your drinks. I’m looking forward to reading more posts… also, that cocktail menu they’ve got rolling looks like a nice, well-balanced menu… they have a website?

  2. While, “the names have been changed to protect the innocent,” oddly, “Flower” does not currently seem to have a website. At least that I can tell. And, well, if I can’t find it, odds are they don’t have one.

  3. The Cruzan Blackstrap Dark & Stormy isn’t for everyone, although adjusting the proportions and the ginger ale can help. Really enjoying the series!

  4. If it makes you feel any better, my experience with the new “boutique” bars is that people are much more patient about getting their drinks. I can’t see having to wait five minutes for someone to concoct the perfect G&T, but if you’re making me an Old Fashioned I’d gladly wait even longer to have a well-made drink.

    But I’m sure you’ll do great, so don’t worry!

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