Crazylandia Six

About this time, I thought it might be good to mention this little idea to Mrs. Underhill.

She was a bit skeptical. Her exact analogy was, “You don’t have to be in a band to appreciate music!”

Fortunately, due to the fact that she knew and liked E., she eventually conceded. But I knew I’d have to be on my best behavior. She made it quite clear that the first time I came home drunk at 3 AM, the jig would be up.

About this time, E. sent me an idea, “So how do you feel about working with me for a two or three evenings at Flower. What’s the kitchen word for not getting payed? ‘Staging‘? I was trying to figure out a way you could take a half way step and have some fun. You would be an extra body so you could step in and make drinks for the wheel when you liked, help guests when you liked, take a break and step off when you wanted to.”

Holy Crap! I had in my mind maybe having E. over to a BBQ and making drinks with him or working something like a catered party. I was totally honored and flabbergasted that he would even suggest an opportunity like this.  I quickly fired off an email agreeing to the experiment.

One thought on “Crazylandia Six

  1. Nice! Is it safe to assume that when you begin you will let us know so those of use in the area can drop by and say hi, get a drink, and offer you our boozy support?

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