Crazylandia Two

While at Flower talking to E., I had asked if there was anyone at Tilted Portal who would be into making a few cocktails from “The Savoy Cocktail Book.” E. mentioned that one of the bartenders, J., was an eGullet reader, and that he thought she might be interested in participating. Also, that when I came in I should bring my wife and we should have dinner at the bar.

Well, that all sounded fun. For a few weeks I tried to get down to Tilted Portal to say, “Hi,” to J. and ask if she would be interested.   Usually like to meet people before sending them random emails. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out, so I just cold emailed her using the address E. had given me.

Fortunately, J. was interested and we worked out a day to meet at Tilted Portal.

Another fun evening of geeking out about cocktails and technique. Making cocktails and trying inventions. J.’s fantastic house made orgeat was a highlight and something of a revelation to me.

And Mrs. Underhill did drop by to meet me. After all the cocktail geekery, we also had a wonderful dinner at the bar and got a chance to chat with E., who was also working that evening.

By this time, however, E. had heard of johnder and donberts escapades as bartenders, so upped the ante. “When are you going to be like johnder and donbert? Work a few shifts behind the bar?”

I repeated my usual refrain. Blah, blah, I’ve experienced slaving away as a line cook. I like to sit at home at night. Wife, cats, house, sleeping. Stuff like that. And that was pretty much where we left it.