NYC, February 14, 2008

As you can well imagine, Thursday morning started a bit slow.

Between being out of sync with the time change and being out late drinking, I was a bit slow getting out of bed.

We were staying in Tribeca, and Mrs. Underhill, having gotten there a bit earlier had already researched the breakfast situation. She had found a place called Kitchenette with good coffee, competently made eggs, and a fine selection of baked goods. We actually ended up eating breakfast there 3 out of 4 days of our stay.

Then we wandered around Tribeca for a couple hours, investigating the scene. We definitely preferred staying in this neighborhood to our previous uptown stay. One of those neighborhoods, you could wander around and find restaurants, delis, and shops all day. After the walk and some shopping, we headed back to the hotel for a short nap and to get changed.

For dinner, we had planned an early evening at Momofuku Noodle Bar. Both of us had been hearing good things about this place for years, so we didn’t want to miss it on this trip. Steamed Pork Buns, fresh oysters, Momofuku Ramen, and Oxtails with pine nuts and rice dumplings. Yum, Yum, Yum. Unfortunately, about 2/3 of the way through the meal, the jet-like air handling began to bug Mrs. Underhill, who was recovering from a cold. It was kind of weird that they would have the vents just jetting down on the food, pretty much chilling it instantly. So not entirely a success.

We then headed to Death + Co, so I could show her the very cool place I had been the night before. Unfortunately, they were full, and we couldn’t get in. Instead we headed to d.b.a. for a couple beers and to warm up. Sad Californians, just no longer cold acclimated.

After a couple warm up beers, we headed to a Valentine’s Day concert that was being held at The Stone. This venue is run by John Zorn, so perhaps you will appreciate the irony. We arrived just as the first set was ending, and were informed that they needed to clear the venue and we could come back in 30 minutes. Oh, yes, fun, standing outside in the outer West Village in the cold. Fortunately, there was a grocery across the street, where we were able to waste some time buying mentos. The show opened with a trio of Ikue Mori (samples and computer), John Zorn (alto sax), and Sylvie Courvoisier (prepared piano). Plinks, plonks, and squawks, as you might imagine. Quite enjoyable. The next set was Zeena Parkins and Andrea Parkins duo of harp and accordion. Another enjoyable set, simultaneously a bit noisier and trancier. For the last set, all 5 played together creating a glorious cacophony of sound.

Not wanting to risk another run in with the winter cold, we grabbed a cab and headed back to the hotel to eat valentine’s day cupcakes and exchange gifts.