New York Minute

Mrs. Underhill was called away to work in New York last week.

After going over our options, we decided it would be more fun for me to travel there and meet her, than for her to quick fly back for Valentine’s day.

Before I get to the details of the trip, I just have to say how happy I am that Jet Blue now flies out of San Francisco, direct to New York.

I am just so fed up with the major airlines’ decision to squish as many people as possible into coach class, so they can pamper the wealthy in business and first class, that it makes me furious. Just about every aspect of our last several flights on major carriers have sucked. Cranky and uninspired flight attendants on understaffed planes, uncleaned airplanes, malfunctioning equipment, canceled flights due to “heavy rain”. My “favorite” aspect are the meals you can now buy on some of the carriers. Every ingredient seems to be an advertising or sponsorship deal with some major food corporation, yet the airline still charges you $10 for a couple crackers and some not-cheese.

Anyway, rant over, I had a great flight on Jet Blue. Whew, legroom!

I’m still working on writeups of the New York trip, so you’ll be seeing those over the next couple days.

Oh, and speaking of Jet Blue, and the trip, I will just note that there may be some name dropping in the next few posts. Sorry about that. I try to avoid that sort of thing, generally, but I had such a great time, and folks were so generous, that I’m going to have to mention a few names.

Name drop No. 1: On my Jet Blue flight to New York, I sat in the same row with an Amy Sedaris trying very hard to be inconspicuous.