Russian River Brewing makes some of my favorite beers. Pliny the Elder, Blind Pig IPA, Pliny the Younger, and others are among the best beers brewed in Northern California.

But, where they have set themselves apart are brewing Belgian Abbey style ales. For this type of beer, Russian River seems to capture more of the funk and freedom than any other producer in North America.

One of their beers in this style is their Redemption Ale. I’ve only recently been turned on to the joys of Belgian “Single” Ales. While I was eating out and about at Flora and Slanted Door, I got to try a delicious “Single” from Witkap Pater. The Redemption is similar in style. A lighter ale, without the complexity, sugar, or funk of Saisons, Doubles, or Tripels. Supposedly, the Abbey monks split a bottle of this type ale between lunch and dinner.

Of course, you should still serve it in the proper glassware!

Redemption has a stronger malt taste than most Belgian Ales and is lighter than many of the other beers in the Russian River portfolio. There is just a touch of European-style hops to keep things interesting. Mostly, it is an undemanding and easy drinking beer.