Beer Club Score!

We belong to the Beer Club at Plump Jack Wines.

It’s usually pretty fun, and it gets us to try beer we wouldn’t normally purchase.

But, obviously, some months are better than others. The fiasco that was the Sam Adams “Brewer Patriot Collection” springs to mind. Today, I was chatting away with the store manager about spirits and such, and didn’t really notice what this month’s beers were.

This is a very, very good month!

3 thoughts on “Beer Club Score!

  1. Nice club — and you don’t even have to learn a secret handshake. Was ‘The Abyss’ too winey or bourbon-y?

  2. Nice haul!
    I’m finding this year’s Abyss immediately drinkable and not too much wood from the barrel aging.
    Last year’s was full of molasses and I had to lay it down for a year.

  3. I haven’t tried it yet! I need to savor having the bottle for a while. It’s probably the only one I will ever see!

    Besides, Mrs. Underhill is out of town, and, even though she isn’t a big stout/porter fan, she would never forgive me if she didn’t get at least a taste.

    I’m ambivalent about beers aged in used spirits barrels. I tried Curieux from Allagash some time ago, and found the bourbon flavor pretty overwhelming. On the other hand, I had a very nice bourbon barrel aged porter from Farmhouse Brewing.

    And, yes, Rodenbach is finally available again in California!

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