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Certainly featuring Lagunitas Brewing often enough on this blog!

Lagunitas make a couple strong beers every year around the holidays. Brown Shugga usually shows up around Thanksgiving. The story with that beer, is, one of the Brewer Assistants mis-read the amount of Brown Sugar called for in their Barley Wine style Ale recipe, Olde Gnarlywine, and dumped a ridiculous amount into the mash. What resulted was not unpleasant, so they bottled it and sold it. It is extremely, and dangerously, drinkable for a beer whose alcohol content is around 9.9%.

Hairy Eyeball usually shows up around Christmas or January, and is another strong beer. It is a bit Barley Wine-esque. Lagunitas would probably say, “It’s just beer, don’t get hung up on labels.” Beer Advocate classifies it as an “American Strong Ale.” And, indeed, at 9% ABV, it certainly is strong. It’s a pleasant malty beer with a strong alcohol kick. There’s a little hops in there, but nothing approaching the more “Extreme” West Coast beers from brewers like Stone and Moylan’s. Pretty well balanced, but very sweet. Almost a dessert beer.

I was reading Accidental Hedonist this week and noticed that they had published a recipe for Puerco Pibil. Mrs. Underhill had been jonesing for some Pork Roast, so I thought it would be a fun, and low effort meal. Unfortunately, I mentioned that the recipe was based on one Robert Rodriguez had given in a video called “10 Minute Cooking School–Puerco Pibil.” There was a bit of disagreement, as Mrs. Underhill informed me that Mr. Rodriguez had recently left his wife of 16 years to go out with Rose MacGowan, who is about 10 years younger than him. Eventually, Mrs. Underhill relented, and let me go ahead and make the Pibil.

I didn’t have time* to use the shoulder suggested in Mr. Rodriguez recipe, so used country spare ribs instead.

Darn, that makes me hungry again, just looking at the picture! I can only imagine how much better it would be with a nice slow cooked bone-in pork shoulder. I served it with some brown rice and seasoned canned beans. The beans turned out pretty well, for canned. I added some sauteed onions and garlic, bacon, the greens from the radishes and some chili powder.

Hocus Pocus Syrah from Black Sheep Finds. Not as intense as the Four Vines, it is still a meaty West Coast Red Syrah. Definitely a reasonable and tasty wine with enough backbone to stand up to hearty meats.

And in another blog related turn, Jennifer over at Straight From the Farm recently had the brainstorm to make a Parsnip Cake. When I mentioned this to Mrs. Underhill, she got pretty excited about it. We both really like Carrot and Spice cake type desserts, and substituting parsnips for carrots seemed a genius idea. I did slightly overcook it. Still, it turned out quite tasty! Recommended!

“Here’s Lookin’ Atcha’!”

*The recipe calls for Pork Shoulder, which will take about 4 hours of low and slow to get to tender. If you use country spare ribs, it will only take a couple hours.

4 thoughts on “BOTW–Hairy Eyeball

  1. I’ve probably already said this, but I used to live in Petaluma, and was lucky enough to hang out at the Lagunitas Thursday parties before they got shut down.

    Thank goodness Portland is into the microbrew, because I never seem to be left behind in Lagunitas’ new releases.

    Hairy Eyeball and Brown Shugga are great, but my favorites are their uber-bitter Undercover, and the summer’s Sirius cream ale. Good memories of the Petaluma Butter ‘n Eggs day parade with that one.

  2. Nice picture of the pork. Reminds me that I bookmarked that installment of Ten-Minute Cooking School a while ago, but never got around to making the recipe. And, synchronicity, I came across the annatto that I’d bought for it yesterday morning. Maybe next weekend, maybe next weekend.

  3. Blair, I know you’ve mentioned that you lived in the Bay Area, but I don’t know if you said Petaluma. We have friends who live in Forestville, so we get up that way pretty often. I also really like to get to Russian River Brewing in Santa Rosa. I think they make some of the best Belgian Style beers in America.

    Ouroboros, thanks for the kind words! Cooking, drinking, and quality photos don’t always work out well together… It really is a very tasty recipe, though, and pretty easy to execute after the initial prep. Stick closer to Mr. Rodriguez’ recipe than the one on Accidental Hedonist.

  4. I haven’t been able to find Russian River beer here, but I also lived in Santa Rosa for some portion of time, and had more than my time with Pliny the Elder, Damnation, etc, etc. Good memories, and great beer. My wife used to hang out at RR before it became RR, and was the Old Vic.

    If I can somehow convince you to come up this way again, I may have to put in a few pre-paid requests!

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