Giant Potatoes

Hey, there’s a burger in the background.

Ugh, I dropped Mrs. Underhill’s digital camera just before she went on a trip, so I had to sacrifice my camera for the greater good.

Now I am trying to make do with my barely functional old Konica Minolta Camera.

Ahem, I accidentally also dropped the Konica Minolta a couple years ago, just after Konica Minolta decided to exit the camera business. They sold their service and repair department to Sony, who will charge you the price you paid for your camera NEW to repair it for you.

After the fall, it no longer properly focuses. Basically, it will only focus at one distance, depending on the zoom of the lens.

It will be interesting to see if I can manage to get any half way decent photos out of it this week.

Plus, I am slightly grumpy because the sound on Bioshock doesn’t work properly on our new computer. It’s all breaking up and stuttery.

Well, the burger was tasty, even if you really can’t see it, and Bioshock seems pretty creepy cool so far, even with crappy sound.


You will, I’m sure, be thrilled to know I worked around my sound problems in Bioshock last night. I needed to install the OpenAL Libraries from creative labs, and then I had to set the “Bioshock.exe” application to run in “Windows XP SP2” compatibility mode. Now I get to start the game over again, so I can be even more creeped out.