Community Garden Plot

Why, the subtitle of this blog is “Cocktails, food, and gardening…” and I have yet to put up any garden pictures!

Today we did a bit of a cleanup of our community garden plot and planted some herbs we got last weekend in Paso Robles.

This guy I rescued about 2 years ago in the discount section of our local garden center. It is finally doing well.

This is Wormwood (Artemisia absinthum). According to the plant tag, it repels dogs and cats.

Some sort of perennial African Basil.

Winter Savory (Satureja montana) is a plant I always like to have around.

You can’t make “Whiskey Tansy” without Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare).

True Yerba Buena (Satureja douglasii).

Yerba Buena flower.

This Silver Thyme I planted earlier this year, still doing well!

Lemon Thyme.

Formosa Lily. Grew this from seeds I traded for on the Internets.

Our little plot.