Bar Land

Weird things happen in Bar Land.

Normally I’m kind of a stay at home kind of guy. Wife, cats, small groups of friends.

But, last night I met up with an acquaintance to chat at a bar.

We had a couple of drinks, and there was a woman sitting next to us at the bar, I guess a regular, who was making small talk with the bartender.

As those things go, we exchanged some words with her about the drinks we were enjoying.

The she said, apropos of nothing as far as I could tell, “Oh, I just have to show you guys the book I just got!” and pulls out a book called, “Naked Chicks with Weed”.

Now I’m a good Midwestern boy, and am not normally sure what to do when the person next to you pulls out, (admittedly tasteful,) Porn and starts flipping through the pages, aside from averting my eyes, trying to change the subject, and probably turning beet red.

But, she would not be diverted from the subject, and went on to extensively describe her fondness for nakedness, the sexual act, and weed.

Ahem, well, there you go!

Different strokes, as they say, for different folks!

There is no moral to this story, aside from saying again, “Weird things happen in Bar Land.”