Whip It Out (Explained)

Ahem, Mrs. Underhill was giving me a bit of a hard time about my “spicy” language in the previous Whip It Out post.

So, I suppose I should explain.

The name is actually an allusion to a Mothers of Invention song called, “Ian Underwood Whips it Out.” The song begins with a little narration where Ian Underwood explains how he came to be in the band. He had seen them play a couple times and was impressed. The second time he approached a band member and told them he would like to play for them. He then showed up at the recording studio where the Mothers were recording. According to the anecdote, Ian Underwood approached Frank Zappa and said, “How’d you do. My name is Ian Underwood. I like you music and I’d like to play with your group.” Zappa said, “What can you do that is fantastic?” Underwood, “I can play alto saxphone and piano.” Zappa, “All right, whip it out….” At which point the song breaks into music and Ian Underwood plays a long saxophone solo.

Obviously, the name of the song is a bit of a joke, you know, about those things we get so much spam about.

But, it has always illustrated the kernel of most of the initial encounters I’ve had with other men.

You may eventually become fast friends, who will forgive each other anything; but, it always starts out with that, “What can you do, (or what do you know,) that is really cool?”

Until you’ve passed that test, you’re just another guy.

Wowie Zowie!